Relationships, Sexual Health and Teenage Pregnancy

Relationships are not always perfect, it is quite normal to have disagreements  but there are some things everyone deserves to ensure a happy and healthy relationship. This website has lots of useful information to help you decide whether the relationship you are in is a good, healthy relationship.

IDAS- Healthy Relationships 

Whether to start a sexual relationship is a big decision for you to make. It is your choice whether you have sex or not and you should make sure you are really ready. Make up your own mind, don’t let others make it for you.

The service directory has details of organisations that can provide information about sexual health, relationships, contraception, sex and the law, puberty, being a teenage parent, and services for young people. All sexual health services are completely confidential. The services listed will not give information about you to any one else without your permission, unless there is a serious risk to your (or someone else’s), health.

Remember! If you are under the age of sixteen you can still get confidential advice, information and services. Talk to your school nurse or youth support worker, they will be able to help you get the information you need.


YorSexualHealth has clinics across York and North Yorkshire which offer a range of free, friendly and confidential sexual health and contraception services to everyone. Please see their website or call their information and booking line on 01904 721111 for more information and clinic times and services in your area.

Specialist Clinical Outreach Team (SCOT)

Tel. 01904 725436. Nurse advisors from SCOT offer advice, support and help with choices around sexual health or pregnancy.

Healthy Child Service

Tel. 01904 725331. Many schools and colleges have sexual health drop-ins which offer sexual health advice and condom distribution.

Mesmac York LGBT Youth

Tel: 01904 620400 or email: Information and advice for York's LGBT youth.