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Spring fun things to do at home

Bird Food Cups


This is a really easy bird cake to make and you can hang these from your bird table or in the branches of your trees, from the top of a fence.  The birds love them.  For more ideas the RSPB have lots of information on feeding birds.



  •   You will need some beef dripping
  •   Bird seed you can get all kinds of good quality bird food
  •   Suet or lard
  •   Mixing bowl
  •   Old cups or yogurt pots
  •   Tree twig for a perch
  •   Garden string

Important notes: Not suitable for children with nut allergies. Note that bird seed, including peanuts bought for birds, is not suitable for human consumption


  • Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl
  • Ask your parent to help you melt the lard or beef dripping 
  • Mix all together
  • Put the mixture in your old cup or yogurt pots
  • Push your twig into the mixture
  • Leave to set, you can put in the fridge or in a cold room overnight
  • Hang from a tree with string or a hook

Bird Watching

This is a fun activity for all the family which you may have not considered before.  As we are all at home more through the lockdown this might be an interesting activity to get into. You will be surprised by the variety of birds that visit your garden.

The RSPB hosted the Big Garden Birdwatch 29-31 January.  If you missed out you can still enjoy the birds and why not create your own Garden Birdwatch? Count the birds in your garden, your balcony or local park. How many can you see and identify?  The RSPB have a wonderful tool on their website to help you to Identify birds RSPB Bird Identifier. Visit the RSPB for more information at 



Play and Learn at Home with Usborne

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Build a Model out of two items - STEM Activity

You will need:

Some cocktail sticks

Mini Marshmallows

Simply connect a Marshmallow to the end of your cocktail stick and see what you can create!


Look what fun you can have creating your own model