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NEW for 2018

York St John University have been commissioned to develop an online education resource for secondary schools and community groups to raise awareness of child sexual abuse and exploitation. The commission follows the success of phase one of the It’s Not Ok campaign, a partnership between the NSPCC and the safeguarding board. A play and workshop of the same name was developed by the university’s performing arts team in 2015/16 as part of the original campaign and toured all secondary schools in York.

The NSPCC has now commissioned the university to produce a series of four films, based on the play. This includes teaching resources to further explore the key themes and issues with years 7 to 11. A package for children with special educational needs will also be launched this autumn and will be available free on the NSPCC website.

For more information, please contact Helen Westerman, NSPCC Campaigns Manager -


Information and resources for people who work with young people or have a duty of care towards a child. If you work with or come into contact with young people, it is your responsibility to make sure that you:

  • Understand what child sexual exploitation and abuse is
  • Can recognise the warning signs
  • Know who to contact and how to report any concerns

Some guidance is available through this website to help you in your role as a practitioner.

Training opportunities are available via the Learning and Development website

Support the campaign

Tackling child sexual exploitation is everyone’s responsibility. We need young people, parents and professionals across York to read and share the information on this website.

City of York Safeguarding Children Board

The City of York's Safeguarding Children Board (CYSCB) is an statutory inter-agency  forum for agreeing how different services co-operate to protect children in York. We seek to ensure that the children of York are protected from all forms of abuse and neglect by ensuring that everybody working with children works effectively together.

CSA&E - The Police Response

For anyone who couldn't make it to the launch of the It's Not Okay campaign you can now download the presentation made by North Yorkshire Police at that event. The presentation sets out how the police respond in cases of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation.