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It’s not ok play and workshop

The It’s not ok play and workshop has been specially created by York St John University drama lecturers for pupils in York.

Open to all year 7 pupils, the 20-minute play follows four teenagers through their experiences of the internet, relationships, gaming and family-life.

The play is then followed by a drama workshop, when pupils get to explore the issues raised by the play, give the characters ‘advice’ and to find strategies in order to seek out support against sexual abuse or exploitation.

A pupil at one school fed back after the session:

"The play put difficult problems into a format that made it easier for me to understand what child sexual abuse was."

They then offered advice to any adult who works with young people and to parents:

“If a child talks to you about sexual abuse, listen, don't ignore it and take action immediately.”

The It’s Not Ok play and workshop has now been turned into new digital resources for secondary schools, community groups and practitioners. You can find the free resources here: