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Family Early Help Assessment

Information, support and resources to help you with the FEHA process.

Family Early Help Assessment (FEHA)

Family Early Help Assessment (FEHA) is a tool used to assess the needs of children, young people and families to determine the need for early help, and the actions to be taken to improve outcomes, based on a holistic view of the needs of the family.

Team Around the Child and Family (TACF)

The TACF is part of the Family Early Help Assessment (FEHA) process and brings together the parent, child or young person and practitioners into a small team focused around the needs of a whole family.

Lead Practitioner

A Lead Practitioner will work with children and young people who are vulnerable (Early Help). The Lead Practitioner will make sure families get the right help at the right time. They will work in partnership with the family and take a lead in coordinating the services that are involved.

Voice in assessment

When completing an assessment, it'sĀ important that the voice of every family member is present within the assessment. By 'family member', we mean those within the family home, as well as any extended family and friends that have a significant impact on the family.