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Building Blocks

All of the work of Local Area Teams fits into one or more of the "building blocks" shown below.

What does the new offer mean?

The sections below provide a short summary of what the new offer from Local Area Teams will mean for different groups.

Children and young people

  • Good quality information and signposting available to all children and young people on any aspect of life.
  • Information will cover things to do, places to go and people who can help.
  • Information and signposting provided online, by phone, by email, in communities and for young people through the city centre location.
  • A range of positive activities and things to do throughout York (delivered by a range of partners).
  • A city centre drop providing more in depth support on key areas around information, access to support, employment, mental health and becoming an independent adult (delivered alongside partners).
  • Helping young people to have a voice and an individual say in their lives and in the shape of the city.
  • People who work with young people have the right skills and can provide support that the young person feels makes sense and joins up.

Parents and carers

  • Good quality information and signposting available to all parents and carers on any aspect of family life.
  • Information and signposting provided online, by phone, by email and in communities.
  • A range of supportive groups and services at key stages of family life (pregnancy and pre-school, primary school, secondary school, moving into adult life).
  • Access to more in depth support at times when families need more. This could be around parenting, housing, domestic abuse, mental health, substance misuse etc.
  • Access to information and support at locations across York.
  • Support for families to have a voice and not have to tell their story too many times; they feel services are joined up.
  • Families feel their early help offer leaves them in a stronger place at home and in their community.


  • Bring all agencies together to problem solve, identify barriers to progress and improve integrated working.
  • Identify the needs of local areas and build capacity to address those needs (e.g. training, commissioning etc).
  • Work to ensure proportionate interventions are available from a range of sources which match local need.
  • Provide support to lead practitioners through:
    • Good quality information on options at an early help level.
    • A whole picture view of a child's world (information on history, service involvement etc).
    • A dedicated, named contact to work alongside lead practitioners.
    • More support where families have higher levels of need. E.g. drawing together partners on barriers to progress, brokering support, supporting delivery of assessments.
    • Where needed, direct work with children, young people and families from 1:1, one-off or group based to whole family approaches.

PLEASE NOTE - Local Area Teams are currently in development. If you have a concern about a child or young person please follow the existing process.