What is the YorOK Workforce

The YorOK Workforce includes everyone who works with and for children, young people and families, both paid and unpaid, all of whom have a role to play in supporting better outcomes.

It also includes:

  • those who manage and lead children’s services
  • those who are responsible for commissioning children’s services
  • those that may not work with children and young people all of the time but are responsible for their outcomes as part of their job e.g. housing support workers, adult and community education providers, dentists, probation officers, adult social care workers etc. 

YorOK Workforce Pie

The emphasis is very much on ‘one workforce’, working in partnership for children, young people and families. This also means recognising and valuing the diversity of the workforce and the wide range of expertise and specialisms that exist within it.

Workforce Development Unit


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