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Early Help Strategy 2020 - 2023

The Early Help Strategy outlines our ambition for early help services for children and families, and the principles that guide us. This strategy sets a landscape which enables flexible, place-based responses to need in a safe and evaluated over-arching framework.  Children, young people, families, communities and all multi-agency partners will make this strategy real themselves by setting local priorities and taking steps to meet need.

By securing the positive characteristics outlined above we will not only ensure greater levels of resilience but also that children, young people and families themselves will narrow gaps in a whole range of outcomes between those that do well and those that are disadvantaged.

The Early Help Strategy sets out how we will achieve this by:

  • Helping us to understand the differing needs of children, young people and families across our city.
  • Ensuring that children, young people, families and communities have a voice in helping us understand need and how best to respond.
  • Identifying which children need extra help so that no child will slip through the net.
  • Making sure that early help is proportionate, timely and secures long term outcomes.
  • Letting us know that we are making a difference.

If you would like to learn more, you can download the full Early Help Strategy from the bar on the right.


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