The Children and Young People's Plan and the YorOK Board

Locally we call our Children’s Trust ‘YorOK’ and its members come from all of the key organisations that work with children and young people in York.

About YorOK and the YorOK Board

YorOK is the most senior partnership of everybody who works with children and young people in York, including schools and colleges. The YorOK Board makes sure that all of its members really are working together in the best interests of families and children.

Download YorOK Board Papers - Papers and minutes from YorOK board meetings are available to download from this website.

Download the YorOK Board 2015 Annual Report and summary document.

Children and Young People's Plan

The Children and Young People's Plan (2016 - 20) sets the direction for everyone working to improve outcomes for people working with children and young people.

Early Help Strategy

The Early Help Strategy outlines our ambition for early help services for children and families, and the principles that guide us. It explains the strategic framework within which the services have been designed, and how we organise them. It describes the delivery of those services, and the priorities for developing them further over the years 2014-2016.


Information about Integrated Commissioning in York.

Child Poverty Strategy

York's Child Poverty Strategy aims to achieve a fair and inclusive society where every child is given the best start in life and an equal opportunity to fulfil his or her potential.