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Lead Practitioner

All children and young people may at some point need some help to make sure they achieve their full potential. A Lead Practitioner will work with children and young people who are vulnerable (Early Help).

The Lead Practitioner will make sure families get the right help at the right time. They will work in partnership with the family and take a lead in coordinating the services that are involved.

The Local Area Team can support you with this at any point during the process. You can contact them on 01904 551900 or

Who can be a Lead Practitioner?

Any practitioner working with the child, young person or their family can be a Lead Practitioner. The role is defined by what you will do rather than the title of your job.

The role of a Lead Practitioner

The overall aim of a Lead Practitioner should be to make sure everyone works together well and listens to the child, young person and family’s views.

Specifically a Lead Practitioner will:

  • Act as a main contact for the child, young person, family and services
  • Maintain a good relationship with child, young person and family
  • Coordinate all services involved
  • Ensure agencies are clear about what they are doing
  • Arrange meetings
  • Use the Family Early Help Assessment to agree, plan and review the best intervention

As Lead Practitioner you are not responsible for delivering – and, of course, cannot deliver – every service to a family. You are responsible for co-ordinating the assessment and the Team Around the Family so that no services are duplicated and every service and the family are clear about who is doing what.