Out of School Clubs

Kerry Lee is the Out of School Support Adviser for the childcre Strategy & Business Services team at City of York Council.  Her role is to provide comprehensive and high quality advice, challenge, professional guidance, and support to Headteachers and Out of School Voluntary Management Committees and their staff in York.  Kerry can help you improve outcomes for children in line with legislative standards, statutory Ofsted welfare requirements, and the ethos of the council's policy for play.

A report was compiled in October 2010, analysing the Out of School provision in York. You can read a copy of the report here: Quality Assessment of Out of School Provision across the City of York.

Childcare Guidance has been produced to assist schools in making informed decisions about the options for delivering childcare provision.  You can read a copy of the guidance here:

Guidance on Managing Childcare Provision under Extended Schools legislation.

Resources to support out-of-school clubs:

The resources below hold lots of useful information for Playworkers looking for information and support about out-of-school provision.  All the documents can be downloaded and adapted for use in your setting.  If you require further advice and support please contact Kerry Lee on 01904 554391, or email kerry.lee@york.gov.uk

A new Quality Strategy for Out of Schools Clubs has been drawn up by the Education;  Childcare Strategy and Business Management Service.  It sets out the commitment to Out of School Childcare to ensure that clubs across the city are of the highest quality and improve outcomes for children.  There is also an expectation that inclusive practice for all vulnerable children attending these clubs is of the highest quality.

Are You Ready For Your Inspection? - brief checklist to complete before your next Ofsted inspection.

Characteristics of Outstanding OOSCs - checklist of Outstanding features for Out of School Clubs.

Committee toolkit for OOSCs - a pack designed to support Out of School Clubs in inducting their committee members appropriately and enabling them to be successful.  

Committee-run registered childcare provision (2009) - Ofsted factsheet with important information about the roles and responsibilities of committee members who provide childcare.

Delivery of the EYFS in out-of-school provision (2010) - factsheet explaining the legal requirements for delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage in out-of-school provision.

Equality Act 2010: what do I need to know? (2010) - The Equality Act 2010 replaces the existing anti­discrimination laws with a single Act. It simplifies the law, removing inconsistencies and making it easier for people to understand and comply with it. It also strengthens the law in important ways to help tackle discrimination and inequality.
This summary guide tells you how the Equality Act 2010 changes how you have to act in order to prevent and address discrimination when you provide goods, facilities and services to the public, for example in an after-school club. These parts of the Act came into effect on 1 October 2010.

EYFS Guidelines for York Playworkers and Managers (September 2009) - an easy-to-read guide to help you ensure that your club is meeting the requirements of Early Years Foundation Stage.

Giving medication to children in registered childcare (2010) - factsheet explaining the legal requirements for giving medication to children in registered childcare.

Learning and Development Requirements for playwork (2009) - information and ideas on how play settings can meet the Early Years learning and development requirements.

Play Environment Audit - audit form for reviewing and recording the facilities and resources of a play setting, with a plan to compensate for any deficiencies.

Policy summary for play provision (May 2009) - summary of legal requirements of play provision for children in Early Years.

Registering school-based provision and Inspecting Extended School Provision  (August 2010) - factsheet detailing Ofsted's approach to judging whether childcare directly provided by a state-maintained or independent school needs to be registered with Ofsted, and the issues that are taken into account.

Regulating play-based provision (2009) - Ofsted factsheet explaining Ofsted's role in regulating play-based provision.

Requirements for risk assessments (2010) - Ofsted's expectations relating to the identification, checking and recording of risks in outings and clubs.

Serious accidents and injuries to report - Ofsted factsheet on when and how to inform Ofsted and local child protection agencies of deaths, serious accidents and/or injuries occurring in your setting.

Types of Play - explanations and examples of sixteen different types of play.

Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements  - a good tool to use to ensure that you are ready for an Ofsted inspection and are meeting the Ofsted welfare requirements.

ISA's Vetting & Barring Scheme:

Please note that as of 15th June 2010 the Independent Safeguarding Authority's Vetting & Barring Scheme has been halted, because the Home Secretary Theresa May has confirmed that the current Government wishes to review the scheme. Please read the documents below for more information:

Shake-up of Vetting and Barring Scheme, February 2011 - government's plans to scale back Vetting & Barring Scheme and Criminal Records Regime

Vetting & Barring Scheme has been halted - publication from the ISA, 15 June 2010

Vetting & Barring Scheme guidance - information on the Independent Safeguarding Authority's Vetting & Barring Scheme, from March 2010.

Vetting & Barring Scheme presentation - Powerpoint presentation by Kerry Lee and Karen Darley (Family Information Service) on the ISA's Vetting & Barring Scheme.