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Information for Early Years SENCos

SENCO Useful Documents: 

Updated STT Referral Form- May 2018

Things I'd like you to know- Template

SEYT Pathway 2-4

Setting visit SEYT SEN discussion- Proforma 17-18

SEN Register- Updated 2015

SEN Pathway of Support 0-2 SEYT SEN- September 2017

Request for SEYST Involvement 0-5 - during Covid

Assessment Summary- Progress

Assessment Summary- Baseline

Transition Planning Meeting Record



Every Disabled Child Matters Charter

Equality Act Early Years

Early Years Guide to SEND Code of Practice 

Children and Families Act Brief

Children and Young People's Plan 2016-2020



SEN Pathway Support


My Agreed Outcomes (MAO):

Things I'd like you to know

My Agreed Outcomes Plan Example

Example of MAO Apirl 2017

My Agreed Outcomes Plan Oct 2016

My Agreed Outcomes revised draft April 2017 


Early Years Inclusion Funding (EYIF): 2022 Summer Term 

EYIF Privacy Notice August 2019

To make a new application for inclusion funding for Summer 2022 send an application form to and follow the guidance to establish the secure link through Doqex.

Please ensure that scanned information sent back through the secure site is labelled appropriately according to the type of evidence being sent, for example, 'Session Plan' and 'My Support Plan'.

The closing date for Summer 2022 applications is 3rd March 2022.

All ongoing correspondence in relation to the inclusion fund will be sent by secure email.  It is the responsibility of the provider to track incoming information sent securely by the Early Years and Childcare Funding Team as these emails provide detailed information on the status of inclusion fund applications, to include payment details and a delay in responding to incoming information may influence the provider's ability to appeal in a timely manner.

If you wish to increase/decrease or no longer require the funding then please follow the change of circumstances procedure which can be found in the application form.

For more information see the Early Years Inclusion Fund page.

Cognition and Learning

Speech, Language and Communication:

Under 5s Speech and Language Parent Self Referral Form

Referral for SLT Feeding Assessment- Additional information

Referral for SLT- Additional information

ECAT Monitoring Tool

CYC Comm Language Handbook


Physical and Sensory:

Updated STT Referral Form- May 2018

Referral for SLT Feeding Assessment- Additional information


Social Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH):

STAR Observation Chart January 2016

STAR Observation Chart- Example May 2017

Guidelines for the use of the STAR approach- November 2015

Frequency Chart

Duration Chart

Behaviour Change Chart- Revised January 2017

Behaviour Change Chart- Example May 2017



Updated STT Referral Form- May 2018

Autism Form Flowchart- December 2017



Referral for SLT Feeding Assessment- Additional Information 

Referral for SLT- Additional Information

Quick Reference Guide- AHP Paediatric Therapy Services

Integrated Children's Therapy Referral Form 

Children's Therapy Referral Pack Final 


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