Early Years Inclusion Fund And Disability Access Fund

EY Inclusion Fund - Spring 2020

To make a new inclusion funding application for Spring 2020 send an email to seyst@york.gov.uk or use the funding form found in the useful documents section of the website.

PLEASE NOTE: To uphold data security in line with GDPR regulations we strongly suggest sending all data (including the funding form) through secure communication: DOQEX (if you cannot yet access DOQEX or require more information on how to use this system please email  seyst@york.gov.uk )

The closing date for all applications is 8th November 2019.

All ongoing correspondence in relation to the inclusion fund will be sent by secure email.  It is the responsibility of the provider to track incoming information sent securely by the Early Years and Childcare Funding Team as these emails provide detailed information on the status of inclusion fund applications, to include payment details and a delay in responding to incoming information may influence the provider's ability to appeal in a timely manner.

Change of circumstance

If you wish to increase/decrease or no longer require the funding then please follow the change of circumstances procedure which can be found in the application form.

Closing dates for applications are:

 8 November 2019 - settings will be notified by 29 November 2019 by secure email


Applications will not be processed after submission date.


Inclusion Fund Deadlines 2019/20:

Spring 2020

8th November - Applications due in

29th November - Notifications of decision sent out

6th December - Appeal deadline


Summer 2020

28th February- Applications due in

13th March -  Notifications of decision sent out

20th March - Appeal deadline


Autumn 2020

5th June - Applications due in

19th June  - Notifications of decision sent out

26th June - Appeal deadline

Targeted support:

A small amount of additional funding is available to *support children from two years old with disabilities or additional needs who do not have an Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP), until they attend Reception Class in school

* Support through additional staffing, it is unlikely that we will be able to fund resources.

Priority will be given to those children with ‘high needs – low incidence’ although support for children with ‘ high incidence – low needs’ will also be considered if they are meeting the descriptors of SEN Banding Threshold Level 2 and above.


Disability Access Fund

What is the Disability Access Fund?

A small amount of additional funding is available to support access for three and four year olds with disabilities in early years settings. A sum of £615 per year is to be used to improve access and inclusion. The funding could be used to purchase specialist equipment or training to support children in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA). Further information can be found in the Disability Access Fund Guidance in the sidebar. You can request an application from earlyyearsfunding@york.gov.uk.