Extended Free Childcare Entitlement (30 hours for 3 and 4 year olds)

Extended free childcare entitlement Update

  • We are pleased to confirm that the online checker for parents/carers for the extended free childcare entitlement is now live and can be found on the Childcare Choices website at the following link: https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk./


Parents/carers wishing to access the additional 15 hours from September 2016 will be required to click onto the Childcare Choices link and set up a Government Gateway account with the Tax Free Childcare Service a self. If eligible for the extended entitlement, they will receive and 11 digit code. They should give this to providers along with


We will be issuing further details on the eligibility checking process, amended parent declaration form and possible models of take up in the very near future, so please look out for this.


  • Following on from the provider survey which we undertook last month, we are currently in the process of contacting those providers who either did not complete the survey or for whom we require further information. We are specifically wanting to know whether you currently have spare 3 and 4 year old places to deliver the extended entitlement and if you are planning on increasing the number of 3 and 4 year old places. We would be very grateful if you could support us in collecting this data as we will be using the information to help highlight any areas of the city where there may be a need for further places.  We will be sharing with you the childcare sufficiency information (how current supply matches potential demand from parents/carers) that we receive for your local area to help with your planning and we would strongly recommend that this is an agenda item for discussion at your Shared Foundation Partnership Meetings.


  • In addition to the childcare sufficiency information that we hope to provide, we are also recommending providers undertake their own surveys with their existing families to further understand potential demand within your own local areas. To help with this we have put together a template for a Childcare Sufficiency Parent Questionnaire which you can adapt to suit your own setting and needs. This template is attached with the email and can also be downloaded from the yor-ok website under the Funding section of the Childcare Strategy webpage.


  • If you have not already done so, please could we also remind you to confirm your commitment to taking part in the early implementation of the extended entitlement (30 hours free childcare for working families) by completing the attached form and emailing back asap.