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Speech, Language and Communication


Everyone who works with children and young people in York wants the very best for them; we aspire to deliver services and support that are the best in the country. We want all our children to live in a city which enables and supports them, their families and communities, to achieve and celebrate success, adapt to change and be resilient.

The early stages of life determine a child’s future chances. Most of York’s children and young people have a healthy start, then thrive and grow into adulthood with confidence and resilience. But some of them are not so fortunate, grow up in challenging circumstances and are unable to make the most of learning and life’s chances.

Speech, language and communication are central life skills. They are linked to learning, attainment, behaviour, social and emotional development as well as mental wellbeing, so it is essential that everyone working with children and young people understands the importance of their role in supporting and developing these crucial skills.


Below you will find key information, documents, guidance and links to professional websites that will enable practitioners to identify speech, language and communication needs and delivering interventions.

The Speech, language and communication handbook has information and links to useful websites that will support practitioners to further support families and children with a speech, language and communication need.

The Early Communication and Language grid was developed by The National Strategies as a tool to monitor early communication and language. Completion of the grid is recommended for any child identified as having a speech, language and communication delay/ need. This may be beneficial in supporting a speech and language referral.

The open ended questions document is guidance to support you when talking with children to pose questions that will help children to be curious and share their own ideas.

The document below is to support practitioners to identify the number of children they may have in their setting linked to the national percentage of children with speech, language and communication needs. Below you will also find an example of a completed template.

The intervention record can be used to record any additional / targeted support identified to help the child/ren.

 The Speech and Language Therapy two year old Milestone Booklet is below.

Communication Toolbox Launch presentation is below which is a great introduction to the toolbox.

For more information on our WellComm Toolkit offer visit our WellComm Page