Access and Inclusion

The Access & Inclusion Support Adviser

The access and inclusion support adviser identifies ways to gather information and data on vulnerable groups. The adviser evaluates the impact of free childcare places in relation to vulnerable 2-year-olds, childcare for children and young people with SEN/disabilities and other vulnerable groups contributing to Childcare Sufficiency.

The access & inclusion support adviser gives coordinated support to childcare providers in the OOSC sector by:

• Addressing issues on inclusion and expanding the number of disabled children and young people in all childcare settings.
• Providing strategic support, training and advice, relating to SEN and inclusion to OOSC childcare providers.
• Supporting the OOSC sector in completing and achieving their Gold Award within the Inclusion Standards Frame work.
• Establishing and maintaining links with relevant parent groups and support groups.
The adviser contributes to the implementation of strategic aims and targets relating to the inclusion of children/young people with special needs/disability in all sectors and gives coordinated support to parent groups, with a coordinated approach to inclusion across all agencies and to gain a strategic view of inclusion for vulnerable children/young people within the City of York.

Inclusion Standards

"In the early years of life, long before a child enters school, behaviours are established that profoundly change that child’s life chances for better or worse." (Reaching Out: An Action Plan on Social Exclusion 2006:10)

Welcome to the Framework for Inclusion. The framework is a resource to support the inclusive development of early years, childcare and out of school settings including integrated children’s centres and schools.  The framework is a comprehensive document that can help everyone in these settings find their own steps for increasing participation in play and learning of the children in their care. The materials are designed to build on the knowledge and practice of practitioners and to challenge and support the development of any setting.

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