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Tips: applying for jobs

Applying For Jobs: Top Tips

First of all

  • Read through all the information included in the job application pack including the application form
  • Photocopy the form for practice in completing it
  • Use appropriate colour, normally black ink to complete the application form, or complete it electronically if possible
  • Make sure that any hand written details are neat, clear and easy to read

Next Step

  • Complete all sections given on the application form where applicable
  • Most application forms have a section where you must explain how you meet the requirements in the Person Specification.  This is a very important part of the application form and it is your opportunity to really sell yourself.
  • Read through the Person Specification making notes on the skills, knowledge and experience you have that meet the requirements
  • The more you can match the requirements of the person specification, the more likely you are to be selected for interview
  • Use any relevant skills, knowledge and experience, including voluntary work and any unpaid work
  • Ensure that any employment gaps are fully explained
  • Use relevant examples to explain how you meet each requirement
  • Set out the section neatly so each requirement has your response below it and is clear and easy to read
  • Use extra paper if necessary and attach to the application form

Finally …

  • Complete the original application form when you feel that you have got everything ready
  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Take a copy of the completed application form for your records before you send it off
  • Make sure that it will arrive before the closing day, by post, email or by hand

Good luck!