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Claire Marie Holmes

Childminder in Rawcliffe & Clifton Without, York


My name is Claire, I am 35 years old and live with my partner James, our son Matthew aged 12 years and daughter Evelyn who is 5 years. Prior to registering as a child minder I worked in a day nursery with children
between 2 and 11 years. I love spending time with children of all ages and In addition to my own son and daughter I am fortunate enough to have a niece (aged 7) and two nephews (aged 1 and 3).
After juggling childcare and full time work myself for 8 years I know just how important it is to find a high quality, reliable child minder. I provide a caring home from home environment that children will love and enjoy whilst working towards key learning outcomes outlined within the curriculum of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Child led and free play is encouraged whilst we also have planned themes and activities throughout the year. I provide the parents/carers of children in my care with daily feedback for their own peace of mind and operate an open door policy whereby I am always available at the beginning and end of the day to discuss additional learning opportunities or areas of concern.
Our home is a semi-detached house where your child will have full access to
the living room, downstairs WC and a good sized secure/self-contained garden. Play areas are well equipped with toys, craft materials and learning
prompts. I also allow access to the kitchen when children are helping with cooking and baking or partaking in indoor wet play.
Use of the great outdoors is encouraged and we get out and about daily and in all weathers! Locally we have a playground and green which are a 30 second walk from our front door, whilst the Rawcliffe Country Park, a
Lakeside walk/nature reserve and playing fields are all within a 2 minute drive/ten minute walk of our house. We go on faulty outings to playgroups etc.
We will strive to accommodate all childcare requirements and would be delighted to meet you and your child informally at our home to discuss these whilst having a good look around!
I have just had my inspection and being rated good. My report can be emailed to you if requested. If you have any questions, or require any further information about our childcare then please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Contact information

07749 565725
07749 565725


York, YO30 5NG

Other information

For ages

Minimum age: 0 Years 3 Months

Maximum age: 11 Years

Opening times

  • 7.00am-5.30pm
  • 7.00am-5.30pm
  • 7.00am-5.30pm
  • 7.00am-5.30pm
  • 7.00am-5.30pm


  • Hourly Cost : £4

School Pickups

  • Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary School

Quality awards

Ofsted Registered

Inclusion statement

All childcare and services should make reasonable adjustments to support disabled children and young people or those with additional needs. Below is a statement from this provider about their inclusive practice and levels of experience of supporting different needs

I have previously worked in a nursery caring for children aged between 2 and 11 years. I also have a son aged 7 and a daughter aged 11 months.

As a mother of two children aged 4 and 11 and with children under my professional care from age 4 months to six years I have the necessary skills required to deliver high quality and bespoke care for your children, catering for their individual developmental needs. Advanced planning allows me to deliver high quality play based learning sessions whilst increasing my contact time with each child which means that they gain more from an activity. In addition to my planned session I am able to work with parents to reflect and complement areas of &#8216;at home&#8217; learning and, whenever possible, I will incorporate religious and cultural practices in to my diversity lead learning outcomes for other children in my care.

I have 'understand how to set up a home based childcare service, paediatric first aid, basic awareness in child protection, food allergy training and food hygiene level 2.

Ofsted information

The Ofsted unique reference is EY481347

See the Ofsted record for Claire Marie Holmes for the latest inspection information.

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Last updated: 10/7/2019

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Contact information

07749 565725
07749 565725

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