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School Nursing Team

School Nurses (5-19 years team) (SCPHNS) are qualified nurses with specialist training in Public Health for children, young people and families.

SCPHNS lead and deliver the Healthy Child Programme for 5-19 year olds, up to the age of 25 for people with special educational needs and/or disabilities), and their families.

Working with and supporting the SCPHN School Nurses are the Children and Young People Health Outreach Nurses (CYPHONS), they are qualified nurses from various nursing backgrounds and have a wealth of knowledge in health for Children and Young People.

National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) Screeners, measure the height and weight of primary school children in Reception and Year 6. The Screeners also carry out a vision and hearing test for children in school. For more information on this and the NCMP please visit the NHS National Child Measurement Programme.

School Nurse Team work with families, education settings and communities to improve and reduce health inequalities.

There are three levels of service which are provided:

Universal Services

Your school nursing team offers the Healthy Child Programme for every child. This includes promoting good health through education, health checks, and identifying health problems at an early stage.

Universal Plus

School Nurse Team provide extra support when you need specific expert help. This might be identified through a routine health check, referral from other professionals in health or education or direct from families or young people themselves. This could include managing short term health issues, such as bed wetting, toileting, sleep, advice on sexual health, and support for emotional well being and mental health.

Universal Partnership Plus

School Nurse Team work together with other professionals, with you/your family provide information and targeted support to help you deal with more complex problems over a longer period of time. This may be as part of a Family Early Help Assessment, Child in Need or a Child Protection Plan.


We provide a confidential service, this means that we will not discuss your health information with anyone else without your permission. However, we do encourage young people to talk with their families.

There may be occasions when we are concerned for a young person’s safety and this may require us to share this information with relevant agencies.

Electronic Health Record

We record your health information using a secure electronic health system called system one – all staff who work in school nursing service have access to this information, but are bound to keep this information confidential.

How to refer to the Healthy Child Service 5-19 Team 

Who can make a referral to the Healthy Child Service 5-19 team?                              

 Young People


Parents and Families

In secondary school young people can contact their School Nurse either by: sending a text message to the designated number (07833437363). This numbers can also be found in their school planner book, SN posters in school or through their school reception or year principle.

Telephone the Healthy Child Service: 01904 555475.

Alternatively complete the online referral form

Telephone the Healthy Child Service: 01904 555475 

Alternatively complete the online referral form


City of York Healthy Child Service

  • Telephone 01904 555475 

When we receive your referral it will be reviewed by a member of the team and you will be contacted by your chosen method.

If you make a referral for a young person/ parent they must be made aware prior to referral to gain their consent.

Should you need urgent health advice, please contact your GP or call NHS 111. In an emergency please visit A&E or call 999.

Attend Anywhere - Virtual video consultations

Attend Anywhere is an access point for the Healthy Child Service either via a booked appointment which would be pre-arranged with a School Nurse, or via a drop in service.

Having a virtual appointment is often more convenient as it will not require travel, however the face to face options are still available.

The School Nurses will provide it as an option for appointments and provide guidance and information on how to have a session via Attend Anywhere. It is very straight forward to access and can be accessed via mobile, tablet or computer without the need to install any applications.

You can access the Consultation Attend Anywhere Guide online