Active play with your children

It's so important to make time to play and at the same time be more active. So next time you have a spare moment, try one of the activities below with your children and get your body moving.

Join in with the activities that your children want to do (For example activities in Shine.)


Cycling Hopscotch
Playing tig Mums and buggies session
Walk your dog or your friend's dog Snowball fight
Walk to pick up your children from schoo/OOSC Building sandcastles
Take a ball/frisbee or tennis racket to the park Pick your own fruit
Wii Sports for indoor excercise Hide and seek
Skipping in the park Twister
Play in the park Kite flying
Swingball Sledging
Trampolining Garden olympics
Nature Trail Ball relay
Roller skating Spacehoppers
Dancing Circus skills
Swimming Hula hoops


You only need 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day to boost your happiness and health. As long as it's done in 10 minute bursts or more, this exercise can be things like cycling to work, playing outside with family or even walking briskly to the shops.


The Change4Life website has lots of ideas of easy ways to be more active. From dancing, to wink murder, there are hundreds of ways you can make being active fun.


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