Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities


This free 13 week programme uses a strength based model to build or re-build relationships in the family, encourage children to work with parents not against them, improve parent knowledge of child development and its impact on behaviour and establish tools for becoming more involved with the community around them.

It's aimed at parents of 5 - 13 year olds as this is the stage where children start questioning and pushing boundaries at home. The programmes are open to mums, dads and carers and run for 13 weeks (one school term) for three hours per week, plus a graduation ceremony with certificates. The three hours includes a meal (which is provided) and will be a combination of learning new strategies, the whole group sharing their ideas and experience and everyone practicing the techniques together. 

Parents or carers don’t have to commit to the whole programme at the start – they can just try it for the first two or three weeks to make sure it's right.

What sort of things will we learn ?

  • How we can get the best possible relationships with our children 
  • New strategies for getting our children to get them to work with us, not against us 
  • How to manage anger and other strong feelings 
  • How children’s minds work 
  • How we were brought up and how that affects how we feel about our families 
  • The pressures our children are under today
  • How to find support from, and feel closer, to our communities.

The programme is based on discussion and activities parents and carers can do with their children at home and all attendees will receive a free parent manual.

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