Mediation & Counselling

1-2-1 Counselling

1-2-1 Counselling is an independent voluntary counselling organisation based in York since 1993 offering a short-term professional counselling service to the community. 

Carers Counselling Service

Carers Counselling Service is specifically developed for people who care for others with mental ill-health and offer emotional support and counselling. There is no charge for this service.

Young People's Service At 30 Clarence Street

The Young People's Service at 30 Clarence Street can provide Careers Guidance from our trained Learning and Work Advisers to all 16-19 year olds (up to 25 if you have special needs), who are resident in York.

Community Counselling (North Yorkshire) Limited

Community Counselling (North Yorkshire) Limited are a short-term counselling service based in Norton. They also offer longer-term counselling and EMDR treatment to people who have experienced sexual abuse and/or domestic violence. The service is only available to adults except for people aged 16 and over referred by their GP in Ryedale and children and young people referred via Supporting Victims.

Couples In Crisis

Couples in Crisis offer a unique service to couples who are experiencing stress in their relationship. This can happen to any marriage or couple relationship and at any stage in the relationship. The root of the difficulty could be inside the relationship or might have its source in circumstances that are completely outside of it.

Do You Need To Talk?

Kyra recognise that sometimes women just need to talk. Every Thursday morning Kyra offer a free counselling service to women who feel they would benefit from a confidential, empathetic listening space. Their volunteer psychotherapeutic counsellor in advanced training is able to discuss how counselling may be helpful to you.

Kyra Counselling

Kyra recognise that sometimes there are issues that you would prefer to explore in a private and confidential setting. Kyra offers a confidential short term one-to-one counselling service at the Workshop every Tuesday morning. The counsellors are from an independent voluntary counselling organisation offering short term professional counselling to the community.

Relate Mid-Yorkshire

At the heart of Relate's Children and Young People's services is the provision of free one-to-one support for children and young people who have been affected by issues that arise within their family or at school. These can include the breakdown of their parents or carers relationships, bereavement, the formation of new (blended) families or the absence of a family member from their life.

The Baobab Centre

The Baobab Centre provides one-to-one support through counselling, coaching and mentoring; and training, support and consultancy to individuals and organisations. They provide the knowledge and understanding which underpins relational management. They offer care, expertise, tools and strategies to individuals, teams and organisations to help maximise potential growth and development.

The Tuke Centre

The Tuke Centre offers confidential therapy and psychological assessments for people wanting to improve their mental well-being or requiring a diagnosis. They have highly trained and experienced therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists delivering services in a beautiful, welcoming setting.

York Cruse Bereavement Care

York Cruse Bereavement Care's is committed to breaking the stigma around grief and ensuring that everyone, no matter how old or young, can access the highest quality support following a bereavement. 

York Mind

York Mind is an independent provider of high quality mental health services in York and its surrounding area. They are a leading local provider of services supporting individuals recovering from mental ill-health to achieve outcomes that will progress them towards recovery, social inclusion and integration in mainstream activity such as learning, volunteering or employment.

York Mental Health Directory

This website aims to give you easy access to mental health services within York and the surrounding area. It is well known that York has some fantastic third sector mental health providers; however, it has sometimes been difficult for individuals to access the support they need efficiently. Whether you are looking for a service for personal use, on behalf of yourself or someone you know, a medical professional or simply someone working in the field trying to get a better idea of what services are available for clients, you will be able to find the information you need here.