Helping your child learn English.

It is important that children keep using their first language while they are learning English. It will help their learning in English. Read books with your child in your home language and talk about them in your home language. Encourage your child to read and write in their first language. This will develop their knowledge and understanding and their reading and writing skills. These skills will help them to learn in English.

In primary school, children will be taught ‘phonic’ sounds before they are taught the alphabet. You can listen to the sounds in this Youtube video.

You can buy dual language books  from Mantra Lingua ( Your local library may also be able to order dual language and home language books for you free of charge.

If you can speak and read English well yourself, ask your child’s teachers to let you know what books will be read in class. It will be very helpful if you can read the books with your child, and talk about the books with your child in your home language before they are read in class.

Ask your child’s teachers what they are learning about. You can talk about things in your first language with your child. If your child is old enough, help them to use a dual language dictionary and help them keep a vocabulary book with key words for topics/ subjects. They can write English words and translations of the words or a picture.