After school

Advice to help your child stay safe and healthy after school

After school

Things to do out of school

There are lots of things to see and do in York. There is also beautiful countryside round about. There are lots of  facilities such as libraries, leisure centres, swimming pools, parks and museums.

Helping your child learn English

It is important that children keep using their first language while they are learning English. It will help their learning in English. Read books with your child in your home language and talk about them in your home language. Encourage your child to read and write in their first language. This will develop their knowledge and understanding and their reading and writing skills. These skills will help them to learn in English.

Leaving your child alone

In England there is no legally set age when it is OK to leave your child at home alone but it is an offence to do so if it places them at risk.


Schools often have clubs to look after children before and after school. You will need to pay, but these clubs can help working parents.

Doctors and dentists

It is important you register everyone in your family with a doctor and dentist as soon as you arrive in York. You can find out about local doctors and dentists on the NHS website. There is a translate button at the top of the page.


York Family Information Service and Information Service for Young People

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