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Progress on York's Local Offer





  • Opportunities Fair - June was the month of our Opportunities Fair at Askham Bryan College and it was such a great day! Head over the Working Together page to read all about it.
  • The Integrated Services Conference was held at West Offices in York. We had guest speakers from York Tourettes Support Group, Family Fund,


  • WHAT A MONTH! This month we let the new layout go live  - you told us that you found the site hard to navigate in areas and couldn't find information you needed. So, we now have simple and easily recognisable icons on the main page which lead you to your information. We hope that you find this easier to navigate - please let us know what you think via our feedback page.
  • It has been a busy month meeting with different teams to discuss their pages on the site. "Some information is out of date" - So we changed this. Meetings have been held with over 5 teams just in the last 2 weeks to ensure that the information on their pages are the best quality and are up to date.


  • Icons have been created to make the Local Offer site easier to use after meeting with two lovely parents from York Parent Carer Forum who reminded us that every user of York's Local Offer may have difficulty reading or reading small text. Therefore we have worked with our design team and they have created some lovely icons for us for the main page.
  • Two staff and two young people headed to London for a Young Persons Conference, this was to show these young people that their voice matters. It was a fantastic day and we have brought away some fabulous ideas of ways to ensure that York's young people's voices are heard.
  • We also worked with teachers, school staff, SENCOs, parents and carers, and council staff to work on the design of the EHCP. By using feedback from everyone, we have found out what is important to keep and what needs to change. A survey is also live, so please head over there to complete it and have your say. Click here.
  • The Local Offer has a name change. 'York's Local Offer for SEND - What York can offer to young people and young people (0-25) with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities'.
  • Other feedback from the survey includes, making sure the site is easier to navigate, reducing jargon, changing the layout, enhancing the search box facilities, reducing text into bullet points, and an 'understanding jargon' section. Although these changes can take a while to change, we appreciate your continual support and advice, so please leave your feedback here.


  • After meeting with a lovely parent from YADDA, it was decided that posters in school would help to spread the word of the Local Offer - these posters have been created and will be sent to schools to be displayed.
  • A new layout for the Local Offer main page has been created, to make sure that the site is easier to use. The feedback which has been collected so far by our young peoples group and parent groups, suggested ways which the site could be easier to use. This is going to be put into place in the near future.
  • Local Offer Survey - A survey has been created to ask parents, carers, staff and the public their opinion of the Local Offer and its name. Hopefully, in the near future the 'Local Offer' will have a name which is more recognisable to York's public.


Hello, my name is Laura and I am the new Local Offer Officer. I began working in this role on the 12th February and I have so many new ideas on how to spread the word about the Local Offer and make sure it's content is the best it can be. So far in my role I have:

  • Been to collaborative meetings with Live Well York to help create a smoother transition between Children and Young people services to Adult Services.
  • Met with the York Parent Carer forum chair and gained constructive and positive feedback regarding the Local Offer. A big aim of next month is to redesign the main page and how public navigate the site, so that it is easier to use.
  • Local Offer Review meeting, where 8 other Local Authorities attended. The purpose of this was to review each other's Local Offers and ensure that they met the statutory requirements.
  • Individuals from different teams within York City Council have been in contact with me to organise meetings with to ensure that their information on the site is the best quality it can be and that the information is up to date. These meetings have been going very well and it has meant that each section of the site will be the best quality it can be.
  • Parent Carer Forums and groups to share the word about the Local Offer and ask for feedback on the new design of the site (This will be shared soon).