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York Independent Living and Transport Skills

YILTS is a service provided by the City of York Council.

What we do (our aims and offer)

YILTS provide travel training for young people aged 11-25 with EHCPs to support them to travel independently between home and school/ college
We aim to ensure that training is provided at a time that is right for young person and know that this will vary depending on the nature of a person’s SEND and the route that they need to travel.

What our referral process looks like

We accept referrals from families, schools and involved professionals

What our assessment process looks like

We will discuss the transport options with families at a face to face meeting once we have agreed to work with a young person (bus route, walking options or cycle route). This allows us to find out more about what they can already do and suggest how families can help develop independent skills themselves, and understand what barriers they face

We will then carry out 4 or so practical sessions on the chosen route and proceed with travel training if, after these 4 sessions, we feel that travel independence is possible

Some examples of the work we do

We look at 5 key skill areas – all based around the actual route that the student will need to take

•    Bus skills – finding the correct stop, stopping the bus and using a bus pass etc
•    Pedestrian skills – finding a safe route and using assisted crossings, road crossing etc
•    Sense of place – knowing your way around the area you live in and those places you will need to spend time in such as where you change buses
•    Life skills - using a mobile for communication and tracking buses, asking for a ticket etc
•    Keeping safe – how to behave when out and how to manage when things don’t work as planned

Contact information

Yilts has just two staff:
Peta Hatton      07789874738
Claire Rhodes   07771785627