Who can help?

There are many different teams out there who can help to make the transition into adulthood and employment much easier for you.

Here is listed two of the teams you may come across in this transition and what is it they can help with:


  • LAWA- Learning and Work Advisers:

The Learning and Work Adviser works directly with the young people aged 13-19 (25 with disability) years old to identify and remove barriers to [access] meaningful education, employment and training [opportunities]. They work with schools, colleges and local employers particularly to support priority groups of young people who are in care, youth justice, those attending alternative educational provision and young people NOT in Education, Employment or Training (NEET). The Learning and Work Adviser will operate in communities through Local Area Teams and also through the new city centre offer for Young People (16+) at 30 Clarence Street.

To access a Learning and Work Adviser call the Local Area Team Information Officers on 01904 554444 or call into the drop in at 30 Clarence Street:

Monday 12:30-4:30pm

Tuesday 12:30-4:30pm

Friday 11am-3pm   

The Learning and Work Advisers will provide information, advice and guidance through appointments, group work and workshops at arranged times during the say that suit the needs of the young person and they will also have available appointments at other locations across the city.


  • Work Coaches- Support from the Jobcentre:

Work coaches are front-line Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) staff based in jobcentres

A ‘Work Coaches’ job is to help those job seekers who are on health-related benefits or income support into suitable employment. The Work Coaches interview the jobseeker and together they identify barriers which are either stopping them from accessing work or barriers they may have to overcome once in a work place, then together they agree on ways in which they can be overcome.

Tailored support the Work Coaches should provide:

  • Identify their transferable skills and how they can sell these to prospective employers
  • Manage their expectations and fully consider current circumstances
  • Increase their confidence in their ability to explore different opportunities
  • Support them to increase their skills and/or qualifications, which could include additional support with CVs and application forms
  • Provide face-to-face, digital and phone interventions

Focus them on the advantages of working and increasing their financial independence, using their own initiative to drive the requirements

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