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York Independent and Travel Skills Training (YILTS)

York Independent Living and Travel Skills Training (YILTS) offers travel training to vulnerable people. We work with 11-25 years old who have an EHCP or a Statement of Special Needs and adults in social care who receive support from the Learning Disabilities Team.

Support with Travel Costs

:#: Help with the cost of travel to NHS Funded Treatment :#:


You may be able to get help with the cost of travelling to hospital or other NHS funded treatment, or diagnostic tests arranged by a doctor or dentist under the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme.

To be eligible for help with travel costs under the scheme, you must meet the below:

1. At the time of your appointment, you or your partner (including civil partners) must be receiving one of the qualifying benefits or allowances, or meet the eligibility criteria of the NHS Low Income Scheme.

2. Your journey must be made to receive NHS-funded non-primary medical or non-primary dental care services, to which you have been referred to by a GP, dentist or hospital consultant.

3. For referrals made by a primary practitioner such a GP or dentist, the service must be provided on a different day and in premises other than those occupied by the practitioner who made the referral.

You can claim travel costs for your children if numbers 2 or 3 above applies to them and you are in group 1 above at the time of the appointment. Any young person aged 16 or over may make their own Low Income Scheme claim – there is more information in leaflet HC11 - help with health costs.

You can claim travel costs for an escort, if your doctor, dentist or consultant says that for medical reasons you need someone to travel with you.

There is further information about the scheme on the NHS Website


:#: Blue Badge :#:


The Blue Badge scheme provides national parking concessions making it easier for people with severe walking difficulties to park closer to shops, restaurants and other places they wish to visit. The badge is issued to the eligible person who can be the driver or a passenger in a vehicle. Parents of a disabled child under 16 can apply for a badge on their child's behalf.

There is a different application for blue badges for children under 3 year old. Parents of a child under 3 can apply for a badge on the child's behalf if the child, due to a specific medical condition e.g. needs to travel with bulky medical equipment or needs to be close to a vehicle for emergency medical treatment or rapid transport to a place where they can be treated.


:#: Disabled Persons Bus Pass :#:


The disabled persons bus pass is a national bus pass, which entitles the holder to FREE local bus travel throughout England. The pass is issued for FREE. You can apply for the bus pass by post or in person by visiting the Customer Services Team at the City of York Council.


:#: Disabled Persons Railcard :#:


The disabled persons railcard enables the holder to get 1/3 off their rail travel on most rail journeys across Britain. You can apply for the railcard online or by post.

National Rail also provide concessionary discounts for disabled people who do not hold a Disabled Persons Railcard.


:#: Yozone Card :#:


The Yozone card is exclusive to children aged 11-16 and young people aged 16-18 who live or study within the City of York Council. The card entitles the holder to a reduced bus fare in the City of York Council area only. Not only that, the Yozone card also enables the holder to get discounts at various shops, restaurants and leisure activities in York. You can apply by post or in person by visiting the Customer Services Team at the City of York Council.

Also during September - October each year the Transport team aim to visit every York school. Please check at your school to find out which day the team will be there to take your photo.


York Family Information Service hold a directory of organisations and support services. You can use the search facility at the bottom of this page. If you can't find what you are after then please get in touch and we will try and help you further.

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