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Supporting Children at home who are deaf/hearing impaired

Dear families, children and young people. We wanted to update you with news from the Deaf and Hearing Support Team and how we are managing our support for your children and young people who are deaf or have a hearing loss.


For any questions or for further advice, please contact

Nurseries, Schools and Colleges

Because of coronavirus, the government has shut nurseries, schools and colleges. Some settings are staying open to provide childcare for a few children whose families cannot care for them because they are in essential work.



We also know that the Audiology Department at York Hospital has cancelled all  non-urgent appointments. They are informing families. We have also been asked not to go in to audiology.

New batteries: you can phone or email audiology and they will post them to you
Lost or broken aid: you need to phone or email audiology and they will post a replacement.
Earmoulds: audiology are not taking any new impressions but they can order replacement moulds from the manufacturers using a scan from the last mould. Again email or phone audiology

01904 725454 or 01904 726741 or


Implant users

YAIS have contacted us this week to confirm that:

Routine face to face appointments are cancelled.
If your child has a problem with their CI you should contact the implant centre by phone, text or email or 01274 364 853


The Deaf and Hearing Support Team

Teachers and teaching assistants from the Deaf and Hearing Support team have been directed NOT to do any home visits. Most nurseries and schools are asking any visitors (including teachers of the deaf and TAs) not to go in to the setting.
All the team are working from home.

What can the Deaf and Hearing Support team do?
Your teacher of the deaf will contact you over the next few weeks to chat to you about your child. We are happy to discuss any problems or concerns you have around the children’s hearing/deafness and their equipment, as well as supporting any problems with their learning in school.

We will be collecting some online resources for children and young people and let you have links for those over the next few weeks.


What can you do?

You can contact your teacher of the deaf in the usual way, by email, phone or text if you have a concern regarding their hearing loss/deafness.
Look on the NDCS website for up to date information.
Look on the City of York Council website for up to date local information.
Checkout some of the links and resources on the separate sheet about supporting your child’s hearing, audiology, learning and language.

For any questions or for further advice, please contact


A great message from Luke who is a Deaf young business man and Youtube blogger. Watch out for him coming to Lollipop in the future.

Useful Links

Follow the Local Offer Facebook Page to find out about different activities available online such as zoos offering virtual tours and live streams, live fitness videos, story times with authors and draw with me live videos. Follow this link to the Facebook page!


Links from the NDCS

Support for early years

Support for deaf young people


Support for families


Keeping in touch with friends

WhatsApp, Skype video calls or webchats, FaceTime, Zoom conference calls, Google Hangout, Microsoft Team


Explaining about coronavirus


How to connect a Phonak Transmitter to a Computer:

Follow this Youtube Link for a demo



The Elizabeth Foundation have put a free online learning programme called ‘Let’s Listen and Talk’ for children aged 0 – 5. Along with information, the programme provides hundreds of useful games and activities that support listening and talking.

There are more activities on Advanced Bionics website to encourage listening


Mental health

This is a new helpline for young people It’s free, safe and anonymous - it is an NHS service, of online counsellors. They are online, Monday to Friday 12pm to 10pm, and Saturday and Sunday 6pm to 12pm. - you can use your mobile, tablet or desktop.

They also have articles written by young people, and the chance to write in a daily journal


BSL Weblinks

Sign communication


Home Schooling


Learning Resources

Useful Apps

Ear ID -   Interactive journey through the ear
Sound ID  -  Teach students about sound levels of daily noise

What’s that Sound? -   Increasing difficulty – identify sound
Animals for Toddlers -  Interactive picture
Farm sounds  -  Listening to different animal sounds
Sound Touch Lite - Listening to different sounds
MyPlay Home/School/Store/Hospital  -  Develop listening to environmental sounds and associated vocabualry
AB All Listening Adventures  -  Brilliant listening games
Baby’s Musical Hands -   Colurful stars burst from the screen when touched by the baby
Signed Stories  - Three Billy Goats Gruff
Buddy Bear apps  -  Various language concepts
ABA Emotions  -  Emotion flashcards
Sentence Builder -  Building  Subject Verb Adverb sentences
Magic Spell -  Spelling
Phonics Consonants  -  Listening for initial consonants
Sentence Magic -  Sentence building and reading
Word Family Lite -  Phonic Families
Jumbled Sentences 3 -  Creating sentences
Learn English -  Listen to story,  then vocab & comprehension
Splingo  - Following  Instructions
Idioms -  Idioms!
WH Questions Lite  -  Who questions
Grammar App -  Grammar lessons and tests
Animal Similies  - Games around similies
Using I and Me -   Games to assess knowledge of I and Me
Twinkl Lite  -  Phonics app – English voice DfES Letters & Sounds
Find Synonym -  Games to match synonyms
See Touch Learn  -  Flashcards and categorising
Advanced Bionics Baby beat
Sound Touch – great for learning to listen to sounds around us
Farm Sounds
Zoo Sounds
My animals
Little Town
Sound Box
Light Box – fun to play with sound
Bubble pop – good for teaching number
My playhome – brilliant to listen to all the sounds in the home and talk about everything
Free candle
Koi pond life
Humpty Dumpty
Nursery Rhymes
Emotions (American)
iSequences (American) - to help your child to sequence pictures
Maths Age 3 – 5
The Listening Room -
Lets Listen and talk -

Sign Language Apps

Baby Sign and Learn
BBC iPlayer (BSL Zone)
Kindoma Storytime
Nursery Rhymes in Sign with Scarlett
Signed Stories
Mobile Sign
Spread the Sign
Let’s Sign – My First Signs
ITV Signed Stories
Magic Hands



Updated April 2020