Supported Internships

What are Supported Internships?

Supported Internships are based primarily at employer’s premises with on the job training and support. More information on these programmes is available from

Preparing for Adulthood Website. The most important requirement of a Supported Internship is that the young person wants to and is ready to work, but may need extra support to do this.

Blueberry Academy

As part of the personalised learning offer at Blueberry Academy, young people can access Supported Internships. These programmes have a minimum of 2 days per week in the workplace, with functional skills, independent living skills and employability offered alongside.

Interns are supported by a job coach, and support is gradually reduced as the intern becomes more independent at their tasks and duties. Blueberry works with a range of employers within the city and are currently supporting 12 internships with York St John University, City of York Council, Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust, York District Hospital and a range of other small local businesses.

The Blueberry information, advice and guidance team looks at the full range of needs a person has and supports trainees to explore employment options either with the placement provider or to apply for other opportunities which match their skills and abilities.

For more information, follow the link below to the Blueberry Website and their Facebook Page.

- Blueberry Website

- Blueberry Facebook Page

Project Choice

Project Choice is a Supported Internship for young people aged 16-25 with an EHCP that lasts for 38 weeks over the academic year. The program gives young people the opportunity to develop core work-based skills through a series of up to 3 work placements, this is then supported with an education day once a week to embed these skills.

The program helps to promote confidence, team working, time keeping and independence. Interns are fully supported throughout with a workplace mentor and weekly visits from Project Choice staff. If needed, a Job Coach can also be in placement with the intern. Interns will be helped to set targets to work towards over each placement and progress is recorded over the placement. In the education day focus is on the work-based skills that the interns are developing in placement, we also work with the interns to develop interview techniques, CV writing and job searching.

Contact Details:

Mel, 07766 257914

Amanda Short, 07826 921973



New to York and offering Supported Internships in a number of areas of interest to the young person. Only for young people who have an EHCP. Will usually be one year in duration. The programme will be personalised for each learner with possibility of up to 3 bespoke placements in particular areas of interest. Employability sessions will be offered along with functional skills or other qualifications to sit alongside work placements. Prospects say they will offer support to look for paid work towards the end of the programme.

United Response

Usually a two year programme. The first year would involve working in Café West to learn about employment skills such as rules and responsibilities, health and safety, working in a team and communication. The second year would be with an employer elsewhere in York related to what the young person wants to do. For example retail, hospitality, catering. Both years would include focused employability sessions and functional skills – either 1:1 work or small groups.

As provision develops your Specialist Careers Adviser can advise you on other options going forward. Your SCA will maintain contact with you especially around EHCP time and as young people progress through education.

For any enquiries contact Nicky Brown: 07584270348

For any enquiries contact Simon Copper: