Short Breaks


URGENT MESSAGE:  Due to COVID-19 it is identified that providing breaks in the community is in breach of current Government guidance. All community short breaks are cancelled but any child or family who is at risk will have regular contact with a social worker either through a visit when risks are high or through skype if possible. Families have been advised to contact services if they need to for advice and support. Community Short Breaks; Direct Payments; and 100 hours will continue to be reviewed.

No new referrals will be accepted during this time for Local Offer 100 hours short breaks.



Updated July 2020



Does your disabled child / young person need help to access social opportunities and leisure activities in a safe and appropriate way?

Short Breaks could help with this.

Short Breaks have two main aims:

  • To give parents or full time carers of disabled children and young people a break from their caring responsibilities.
  • To enable disabled children to have an active social life and join in with safe, fun and interesting activities.

We have asked a group of parents who use Short Breaks what it is and how they use. Please watch the short film below to hear what they had to say.

Short Breaks are provided for families with children with a permanent and substantial impairment or illness, which has a profound effect on their health, development and social functioning. They are provided for families that are unable to access universal activities, services and provision without additional support.

Short Breaks can be for a few hours or longer, in some circumstances overnight and can be provided in lots of different ways. A Short Break could include additional support so that a child or young person can join a club or recreational activity in their community, someone caring for a child in their own home or within the child’s home or it could be extra support for the disabled child to join in family leisure and social activities.

To view the process clear, follow this link.

Below is a short film showing interviews with parents talking about their experiences of using Short Breaks - what it is, how they have used it and the impact it has had on their child and family. 



Here is a list of organisations that could help:

  • Snappy are a registered charity, working with children and young people with wide ranging disabilities, from learning difficulties to profound physical disabilities. They work to develop confidence, independence, and social skills but mostly, to give children the opportunity to enjoy new experiences, have fun and make friends.

If you would like to enquire or apply for Short Breaks, please complete the online form (currently closed due to COVID19) or contact the Local Area Team at or telephone 01904 552420.

The online enquiry form has been developed in order to make the process of accessing information, support and services more accessible, simpler and quicker for parents / carers and their families. If you require help to complete the form please get in touch on the contact details above. Please answer all the questions in order to ensure your enquiry can be responded to as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions please have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Local Area Team at or telephone 01904 552420