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School based support teams

How the school support teams begin to provide support for you, following on from the early years specialist support teams.

:#: The Specialist Early Years Support Team :#:


The specialist early years support team includes four services which work together to support disabled children and children with additional needs in the early years, and their families.

Criteria for requesting involvement from the Specialist Early Years Support Team and Educational Psychology Service


:#: The Early Years Educational Psychology Service :#:


This service provides advice on children’s development to early years practitioners, parents and carers through direct casework, training and consultation. When children start school, the early years educational psychologist will involve the educational psychologist for the school so that advice, records and information can be transferred.

Criteria for requesting involvement from the Specialist Early Years Support Team and Educational Psychology Service


:#: Specialist Early Years Teachers (SEN) :#:


Specialist early years teachers provide educational advice in early years settings and for you as parents/carers. Your specialist early years teacher will usually help with issues around transition into school.

Their involvement will end when a child starts Foundation Stage 2 (Reception). Support at this point will pass on to the specialist teaching teams.

You can follow this link to the Specialist Teaching Teams Page


:#: Educational Psychology Service :#:


Educational Psychologists (EPs) aim to improve the educational outcomes, emotional well being and personal development of children and young people through the use of psychology. We work with children and young people, in partnership with parents/carers and staff, in a variety of educational settings including pre-school settings, schools and colleges. The EP will usually consult with relevant staff about how best to support your child so they can reach their learning potential. The EP will always strive to work together with you and your child, since you know your child better than anyone else.

If you are concerned about your child's progress in their educational setting, you should discuss this with your child’s teacher/tutor or the Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO) in the first instance. Each Local Authority educational setting receives an allocated number of visits per year from a named Educational Psychologist. Priorities for Educational Psychology time are negotiated with the SENCO at a planning meeting, which usually takes place at the start of each term.

For children and young people with complex special educational needs, who have an Education, Health and Care Plan in place, we have statutory duties to monitor progress and provision up to the age of 25 years if they remain in education or training.

There are also a wide range of training and development opportunities available to schools and other organisations from the Educational Psychology Service. Additionally, we support educational settings with managing critical incidents, such as bereavement.


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:#: School Wellbeing Service :#:


The aim of the school wellbeing service is to work within school clusters to strengthen and improve the emotional and mental health support arrangements for children and young people in universal school settings. Click above for more information.


:#: York SEND Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS) :#:


York SENDIASS is a free ‘arms length’ service provided by the Local Authority to offer specialist advice, guidance, support and information to parents/carers of children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and for young people with SEND living in York.

The Service works with young People and families who have children at all stages of the SEN Code of Practice and will now offer information about education, health and social care provision, for parents of young people up to 25 years and tailored support to young people who live in York.

From September 2014, York SENDIASS will offer Independent Support to provide accurate and informative time limited help and advice to any family or young person going through a statutory Education Health and Care needs assessment and will offer support during the process of developing an Education Health and Care plan.

The Service operates an open referral policy so parents and young people can directly access the service by email and telephone.

If you have concerns about special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) we can provide:

• Free, impartial, confidential information advice and support parents/carers of children with SEND.

• Free, impartial, confidential information, advice and support for young people with SEND in education aged 16 – 25.

• We offer support from birth to 25.

  • Early Years: 0-4
  • Primary: 4-11
  • Secondary: 11-16
  • Post 16: 16-25

York SENDIASS offers:
• Advice on systems, procedures and processes related to SEN

• Guidance on Statements of SEN

• Independent Support for advice to any family or young person going through a statutory Education Health and Care needs assessment and will offer support during the process of developing an Education Health and Care plan.

• Mediation and disagreement resolution at all stages with schools, settings, FE colleges and the Local Authority

• Information on Health and Social Care policies and procedures

• Support with transition at each educational stage

• Preparation and support for SEND Tribunals

• Support communicating with professionals e.g. writing letters, emails and telephone calls

• Support to achieve positive outcomes at meetings and reviews about your child

• Help to ensure your views, and the views of your child, are heard and taken into consideration

• Help in understanding professional reports, as well as making sense of the letters and documents you receive

• Signposting to other support services

• Email support (see contact details below)

• Website support:

• Information leaflets available on the website

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:#: Speech and Language Therapy :#:


If your child has speech and language therapy, this will usually continue with the same therapist when your child starts school in reception. If their pre-school speech and language therapy is based at the Child Development Centre, York Hospital, the therapist will visit your child in school.

You are welcome to attend therapy appointments in school if you wish. Therapists will work with school and make recommendations about activities to support your child. You will be sent copies of all reports or speech and language therapy targets.

If your child receives pre-school speech and language therapy in a community clinic, therapy will continue there. Many therapists will also visit schools to give staff recommendations.

When children reach the end of their Foundation 20 Stage 2 (Reception) year, they will have a new speech and language therapist from the team working with schools.

Others will remain with the community clinic therapist for specific courses of therapy as needed.

T: 01904 724366  or 01904 724367



:#: The Combined Therapy Service for Children and Young People :#:


Your doctor or consultant may refer your child to physiotherapy or occupational therapy (OT) from the Combined Therapy Service. Occupational therapists provide advice regarding skills such as playing, eating and drinking and using a pencil. Physiotherapists help to develop your child’s movement and function.

Your child may be seen at the Child Development Centre, York Hospital, at their early years setting or school. Support may include advice and training on managing your child’s needs. Practitioners may be given a programme of activities to be carried out and support with any moving and handling issues. As parent/carers, you will always be closely involved.

Telephone: 01904 726595


:#: The School Health Service :#:


This is nurse-led and supported by consultant paediatricians. Health input is provided to schools in the catchment area of York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Screening is provided for growth, vision and hearing.


:#: York Independent Living & Travel Skills Training (YILTS) :#:


Travel training to young people aged 11-25 years old who have an EHCP or a Statement of Special Needs.

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:#: Home to school transport :#:


Home to school transport may be provided for some children who have an Education, Health and Care Plan or Statement of Special Educational Needs and are unable to travel to school independently. All requests for transport are considered by the local authority’s education officer, SEN & transport. Every request is considered on an individual basis.

T: 01904 554301