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Relationships and Keeping Safe

As your child gets older they will be meeting new people and making new friends. It's important that your child, as they continue to grow and become more independent, can recognise healthy relationships and know how to keep themselves safe.

Staying Safe Online

The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities have put together a useful guide about staying safe online when using social media and the Internet. The guide includes information about creating profiles about yourself, using Facebook, Email, Twitter and Skype.

Relationships and Sexual Education training guide for young people with SEND

A short training guide on Relationship and Sexual Education for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Mencap - Lets talk about Sex

Frequently asked questions regarding sexuality of young people with a learning disability.

Council for Disabled Children - Relationships and sex education: Ensuring inclusion for pupils with SEND

As part of statutory relationships and sex education, schools will need to ensure that the needs of children with SEND are met. The Council for Disabled children page on relationships and sex education covers:

  • Accessibility
  • Building the team who will educate
  • Organising the programme
  • Whole school approach
  • Involving parent