Post 16

If you’re a young person (aged up to 25), you can check out our Inclusion page on Yor-Zone for information about what's next after school. Yor-Zone is a website for children and young people in York and the Inclusion page is just a condensed version of the Local Offer. On the Inclusion page, there’s lots of information about inclusive activities and sports, travel, discounts, school, further education, jobs and more!

Living Local Moving On

To find out what it's really like, watch the video below! We spoke to six young people (George, Christopher, Hayleigh, Samantha, Jack and Diamond) about their own experiences leaving school:

Click here for more fabulous films of young people living in York.

What's next? Life, learning and work

Leaving school can seem daunting and can raise many questions what a young person should do next. There are lots of options out there and local organisations who can offer information and support to help young people make choices about their future.

Post 16 options

Information on options for young people after 16.

6th Form options

For some Young People the next step they will take post-16 will be to attend sixth form, click the link above to discover all of the options for sixth form in York and follow their schools links to explore exactly what it is that they have on offer.


Personalised Packages and Learning

Throughout York there are many providers and programmes out there which create individual personalised learning packages.


United Response

United Response believe in equal opportunities for all, and provide a range of training and employment opportunities for people with learning disabilities, mental health needs and physical disabilities in the York area.


Transition Team

When a young person prepares for what they will do when they leave school and become an adult, this is described as transition or a journey into adult life. This can be a challenging time for young people aged 14 - 25, with many aspects to consider when planning for their future. The Transition Team works together to support families during this time and is based at The Zone, attached to Applefields School.

The Transition Team begins by finding out about the young person’s aims, hopes and ambitions. Care Managers (if you have one) also spend time with young people and those who know them to consider what their next steps after school may be. Creative ways are used to engage and communicate with young people and help them to think about and plan their future.

The team supports families and young people through the changes they face as their children grow up.

30 Clarence Street

If you are 16-25 years old and not in education, employment or training call into 30 Clarence Street (Monday and Tuesday 12.30-4.30pm or Friday 11am-3pm) to speak to their Learning and Work Advisors- or call 01904 554444 to book an appointment

30 Clarence Street provides free and confidential information, support, advice and counselling to young adults aged 16 to 25 who live in the City of York. 30 Clarence Street can help with a whole range of things, and they will listen to you, help you explore your options and help you make decisions


Who Can Help?

From help in schools to help on the job and from the job centre, find out more information about those who can help you.


Residential Specialist Colleges

Also often referred to as an Independent Specialist Provider (ISP).

Some students and their families/ carers look into the option of residential educational placements. Residential colleges offer full time further education programmes for students post-19 for 1, 2 or 3 years.


York Special Educational Needs Service

The Special Educational Needs service have a duty to enable pupils with special educational needs to reach their full potential, be included fully in their school/pre-school communities and make a successful transition to adulthood. .

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Becoming independent

Know your rights, know your benefits.

'Know your rights, know your benefits' is a guide for young people in care or leaving care. This helpful guide gives information about lots of things you might need support with including: help paying rent or council tax, what leaving care support you should receive, how to make a benefits claim and help setting up your first home.


For more help regarding financial support follow the link.


Minster Provision, Askham Bryan College

The Minster Provision opened in September 18 to offer those with the most complex needs the opportunity to begin a meaningful and smooth transition into adulthood in a local setting. The provision is delivered by Applefields School working in a unique partnership with Askham Bryan College.

This course is aimed at learners who are 19+ years of age with complex needs based working at Entry Level 1 and below. Parents have provided feedback about how well their young people have settled in.


Read Ben's story here.


Where can I go if I am not happy with a service?

Follow the link here to find information on where to go and who you can talk to if you are not happy with a service or an EHCP.