NHS Services

For children and young people with SEND and their families, the NHS provides healthcare to meet their specific individual health needs.  The offer includes GP support, though therapy services, to specialist healthcare, mental health support and equipment. These services are provided free at the point of delivery, and reflect core NHS principles of meeting clinical need, collaboration between healthcare professionals and families, and working with other agencies such as education and social care.

In the vast majority of cases, healthcare support is provided though the broad range of services routinely commissioned through the NHS, such as physiotherapy, or paediatric care.  For the small number of children and young people, with most complex needs, the NHS may also provide direct funding to meet needs, through continuing care, continuing healthcare or personal health budgets. There are eligibility criteria for such

These pages outline the support the NHS can offer within the City of York.  Queries about health provision should always be taken up with your GP, therapist, specialist or other healthcare professional. 



If your child or young person needs to go into hospital, you will have the advice and support of your specialist and the hospital team working with them.  Please follow the link to York Hospital website for further information. 

Many children and young people need care at an outpatients clinic for a wide range of conditions, for example for diabetes, or cystic fibrosis.  Your GP will have referred you to the clinic and you will be under the care of one or more of the paediatricians and support staff.  Please refer to the York Hospital website.

The Children’s Therapy team at York Hospital work with children, young people and their families across a broad range of needs for physiotherapy, speech language and communication needs, occupational health and dietetics.  Please follow the link to the Therapy Services webpages for information about their work, and how to refer.  


For help with travel costs to NHS services, please click here.


Last Updated: May 2019.