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What is a Personalised Learning and Work Package?

Here is your chance to choose what activities you can do when you leave school and live in York.  We will work with you to find the right mix of things to do.  We start by thinking about what you are good at, what you are interested in and what you want to do in the future.  We plan with you the steps towards this.  We are using a picture of how a pizza is made, to help show you how you can make different choices.

This route may be open to you if you have significant learning difficulties and a Statement of Special Educational Needs and are considering an out-of-area placement.  You may want to consider this bespoke York alternative as well.  You will need a 139a learning difficulty assessment written with you by your Connexions Personal Advisor. Ask your Connexions Advisor if you would be eligible.

Pizza Analogy

Pizza Topping

Toppings: Activities are like pizza toppings. So many to choose from to make up my week in York!

Education and Training: courses – qualifications - work experience – apprenticeships – travel training.

Employment: part-time/full-time – paid or volunteer - job coaching

Leisure: library – socialising – shopping – trips – clubs – movies – bowling – gym – swimming – just to name a few!

Your week made to order!

Pizza Sauce and Cheese

The Sauce and the Cheese: help hold a pizza together. In your plan these are the people and things that support and help you.

People who work in health - social workers or social care managers -Connexions advisers - voluntary organisations – Independent Travel Training staff.

You may want to ask your social worker about a Personal Budget!

Pizza Base

The Base: My Home and Community: Thinking about where you want to live is an important part of planning.

  • A safe and supportive place.
  • A place which allows me to relax, where I can unwind.
  • Where I can enjoy spending time with family/carers and friends.
  • Where I can just be myself!

My home, my York!