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Overview of the Centre of Excellence

It has been agreed for the City of York Council alongside its partners to develop and build a Centre of Excellence for Disabled Children and their Families in York. Construction work will commence June 2019 and is expected to take 12 months to complete.

This new building and provision will provide:

  • The setting for a range of support services which will enable disabled children to remain in their families and in their community, delivered from a safe, accessible space
  • Flexible short break provision to meet the needs of children and young people with Autism, Learning Disabilities and/or additional health needs. 
  • Family Intervention Rapid Support Team (FIRST) and Therapeutic Short Breaks a specialist Clinical Psychology led intensive assessment and intervention service for families with children and young people who have Autism and Learning Disability and challenging behaviour which affects their ability to live in the local community


The project is part of the wider development of services for disabled children and young people across the city and provides the Council with an opportunity to: 

  • Deliver better outcomes for disabled children and young people including those with the most complex needs
  • Invest capital in developing a Centre of Excellence for Disabled Children which has the potential to be a leader in innovative practice both regionally and nationally
  • Ensure more disabled children and young people are supported within their families, homes and local communities.


How you can be involved

We are keen to continue the co production approach and want to involve parent /carers, children and young people, frontline staff and the local community in all stages of the development and implementation process. We will provide regular updates on progress and will share opportunities for people to get involved.

Please keep checking the update pages for more information.


For more information or specific questions on the Centre of Excellence for Disabled Children please email