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My Support Plan

"Although daunting and time consuming, I felt I had complete knowledge of the child and as the practitioner with her the most I felt more confident in taking things forward in my setting" (February, 2018)


"Fab things, scary at first but so worth the hard work and effort" (February, 2018)


What is a 'My Support Plan'?

The My Support Plan is available to use with children and young people who have identified special educational needs and receive SEN Support in school. It can be used for anyone who has a number of professionals supporting them and would benefit from coordinated support.

The My Support Plan is a non statutory document and can be used flexibly to support the needs of the child, young person, their family and all who work with them.

Support detailed in a My Support Plan will be through access to delegated educational funding (Bands 1 & 2 of the SEN Thresholds) and services available through the Local Offer.

What goes in a 'My Support Plan'?

What is included and the formats used in a My Support Plan are optional. You can use different sections and gradually build a fuller picture as needed. However if at a later stage, a request for a statutory Assessment of Education, Health and Care Needs is made, the plan must be fully completed and reviewed. The review needs to evidence what has been put in place and what difference it has made to the child or young person. The plan with supporting evidence can then be submitted to make a request for an Assessment of Education, Health and Care Needs. The majority of children with My Support Plans will not need to move on to a request for this assessment, as their needs will be met through the delegated funding and coordinated support.

The priority when creating and updating a plan should be to support the holistic needs of the child/young person and their family. Each individuals plan can be personalised to make it appropriate to support their needs, age and stage.

What does a 'My Support Plan' look like?

The My Support Plan is made up of different sections. Parents, the child or young person, school staff and other professionals can all add to it.

Useful documents

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