Mental Health

It’s important to ensure that there is advice and help available when a child or young person has emotional or mental well-being problems, although most will manage the ups and downs of life with the support of parents, family and friends.  If, however, your child or young person isn’t managing then there is a range of advice and support on offer.

Talk to your school pastoral leader or SENCO, as they will be able to consider ways to support your child. Pastoral staff can support children through group or individual interventions to address issues such as bereavement, attachment, anxiety, social stories, friendships, self-regulation/anger. They may include support through an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) or Wellbeing Worker.

Local Area Teams:

To find information on the Local Area Teams, follow this link.

School Nurse:

For more information regarding the school nurse, follow this link.

School Well-being service:

The service works in schools with staff and also with pupils and families and also closely links to LATS and Lime Trees Clinic.  If there are concerns around school, talk to your child’s class teacher, pastoral lead or Sendco. 


For more information about the School well-being service, please click here.


Counselling service for 16-25 year old people:

This is provided by Mind, and offers free sessions.

For more information and a referral form, please follow the link.

Lime Trees Clinic:

Ypu can contact a single point of access (SPA) at Lime Trees. You will be offered a 30 minute telephone conversation, during which you may be sign posted to a different appropriate service or you may be offered a face to face assessment at Lime Trees.

Tel: 01904 615345

This is the children and young people’s mental health clinic run by TEWV.  You may be referred here by your GP or on the advice of school, and you can also self-refer.

The clinic is at 31 Shipton Road and the phone number is 01904 615300.

Please follow the link to the TEWV website which sets out more information about the service

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa are best treated with specialist support; getting help early means a much better rate of recovery.  

There is a specialist eating disorder clinic at Lime Trees; if your child or young person appears to have an eating disorder, then your GP is likely to refer for assessment, or self referral may also be made, by calling 01904 615300.  If the circumstances appear urgent, then you should be assessed and able to start treatment within a week of referral.  If the circumstances seem less urgent, then treatment should start within a month.  

You should expect that your child or young person with work with a mental health worker, a dietician and also GP or paediatrician to ensure that physical health is maintained and improved.   

There are a number of organisations offering advice and information about eating disorders, including Beat, whose website is here.

There is also guidance and information on the NHS website.


Crisis and Inpatient care

For a very small number of children and young people, inpatient  hospital care for their mental health condition is needed.  If it is thought that inpatient care is needed, by staff at Lime Trees clinic will discuss this with you.   

If a child or young person is in crisis, the mental health crisis team will be able to offer advice and support between the hours of 10.00 am and 10.00pm.  The service is for young people under the age of 18 years who present following an episode of deliberate self-harm, acute and uncontained emotional distress or display high levels of risk taking behaviour requiring immediate attention in the community. The children and young people’s crisis team is provided by TEWV, and their phone number is 01904 615348.


There is also a drop in centre at 31 Clarence St for those over 16, which is open from 6pm-11pm every day for immediate advice and help. 


For more information, follow this link.

Advice and information

There are many websites that can offer advice and information about emotional and mental well being and health, including:

  • Young Minds
  • Mindmate: this is developed for young people in the Leeds area, but has very helpful general advice and information and lots of links to other organisations.
  • Compass Buzz: this is developed for children and young people in North Yorkshire aged 11-18, and again offers advice and links to other organisations.

    There is also advice for parents around Internet usage, follow this link

Last Updated: March 2019