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Living Local Moving On

Find out all about some personal transition journeys which our young people have undertaken within York

We had the pleasure of chatting to Ellie, who detailed her experience studying catering at York College. Ellie found College to be an extremely supportive environment where she could learn new skills, meet new people and figure out steps for the future. Watch the video in full below!:

“I’d like to do Animal Care at Entry Level 3. I’m quite excited and looking forward to it because I really enjoy doing it. I like meeting new friends because it’s fun.” In the video below George explains his pathway in higher learning at Askham Bryan College and the variety of ways he chooses to socialise at Choose 2 Youth Group.

Samantha has made so many positive steps forward. Sam attends the Gateway Club every Tuesday to take part in arts and crafts, Hands and Voices to practice her singing, she swims, dances and cooks! Aside from her many social pursuits, Samantha got a job working at Maiden and Miller in the town centre and works at Cafe West also. She has made the transition to independent living, growing with confidence in the process.

We had the chance to sit down with Hayleigh and her mother Sara to talk about the great progress she has made since leaving school. Packed with a busy schedule Hayleigh goes to the Melbourne Centre and Pinetrees for a range of activities; cooking, art, rebound therapy, hydrotherapy, music, physiotherapy and more! Hayleigh has really taken to the change, going to different places on different days of the week, no day is the same and that's just how she likes it.

Diamond is certainly pro-active when it comes to social activities and learning! She attends Choose 2 Youth Club, playing football and basketball, she makes arts and crafts, learns to cook, as well as studying maths and english. Diamond moved from home, into a supported living home, where she is able to make the most of her own personal living space. 

Josh got a job working as a horticultural technician; gardening, sowing plants, weeding. Starting any job has it's challenges but through hard work and strong support Josh now feels comfortable and happy in the role. Outside of work, Josh spends his time playing football and tennis, as well as volunteering at St. Nick's field during the holidays. Early on Josh received assistance with travel, now he feels confident enough to walk and travel to his favourite social activities. 


Jack began working at Brunswick Organic Nursery two years ago, taking care of gardening and maintenance work, what started out as work one day a week quickly turned into three. Jack is set to start an internship at York Hospital with an aim to extend on a more permanent basis. Good luck Jack, keep up the fantastic work!

Christopher works at Cafe West serving customers within the City Of York Council office building. For three days a week Christopher attended the Blueberry Academy learning a range of DIY and art skills. Long term Christopher would like to carry on developing his skills and find work within art / retail sector. He has also found supported living to be a very rewarding experience.