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Education Services

Please use this page to find information regarding the education services available in York.


  • Specialist Teaching Teams (The specialist teaching teams include the Deaf and Hearing Support Team, Vision Support Team, Autism Support Team, Hospital Teaching Team, Physical and Health Needs Team, Physical and Health Needs Teaching Team and the Specific Learning Difficulties Team)

  • Special Education Needs Provisions (Special Educational Provisions are provision that are different from or additional to what is normally available to  young people, they are designed to help children and young people with SEN or disabilities to access the National Curriculum at school).

  • Educational Psychology (We aim to improve the educational outcomes, emotional well being and personal development of children and young people through the use of psychology. We work with children and young people, in partnership with parents/carers and staff, in a variety of educational settings including pre-schools, schools and colleges). Please follow this link to the CYC Service Level Arrangement Document

    -E-modules provided by the Educational Psychology Service to support staff through the COVID-19 pandemic
  • School Well-being Services (The aim of the service is to work within school clusters to strengthen and improve the emotional and mental health support arrangements for children and young people in universal school settings).
  • Mental Health Champions (MHCs are young people within a setting or school that have been recruited and trained to support other young people to improve their wellbeing through developing and learning skills for healthy minds. Once trained the MHCs will run youth led mental health initiatives and campaigns in their settings, with the aim to improve awareness and signposting to mental health as well as leading self-help approaches through sharing tools for healthy minds.

    MHC  are in the following settings:
    York College
    All saints RC Primary School
    Fulford School
    Joseph Rowntree School
    Millthopre School
    Archbishop Holgate School
    Huntington School
    Askham Bryan College

  • Autism Pages (In York, there are three autism diagnostic services, depending on the age of the child or young person. The Autism pages will discuss these three services and offer you with useful documents and resources).

  • The Children's Education Advisory Service for Service Children (The CEAS highlights support through the charity SSAFA. As part of military serving members, the SEND support officer as well as Local Authority support, funding, schooling abroad, links with Local Authorities to support SEND).\
  • York Transport Policy SEN 2019/2020
  • Virtual School (The aim of  the Virtual School is to enhance the life opportunities for children in care by supporting their education and enabling them to achieve the best they can).