Disability Centre of Excellence First Stakeholder Conference

On 12th June 2017 The Disability Centre of Excellence Stakeholder Event took place.

Below is the Introduction to the event from Eoin Rush, Assistant Director of Children's Services

"We know from feedback that there are some arrangements and services that work well and are highly valued and we also know that there is more to do. Overall, local feedback from parents and carers suggests we do well here in York but always with room and ambition to do even better. So we have a great opportunity to talk together parents/ carers professionals and strategic leaders to describe what we think better will looks like. What changes or developments can we make locally to improve the experience and life opportunities for all our disabled children and young people

When I have the opportunity to meet and speak with parents, sometimes at an event and sometimes as a result of a complaint so many comments begin with:

Why can’t you? Why isn’t there any? What about? Often these questions point the way to better arrangements. For professionals also there are sometimes frustrations about the way we do things and I hear if only we could? Quite a lot.

So we have a great opportunity to ask these questions together and to begin to imagine how we might work differently. The flyer for stakeholder event describes a Centre of Excellence – it does not describe what this is – it might be a building that houses some of services previously not available in one place, it might be a safe place to go or it might also be a place where our pooled knowledge about what works and what is most valued by children and young people and their parents and carers is shared and constantly updated.

I can tell you that there is a commitment from Members and senior managers to listen carefully and to use the learning and messages from these conversations and events to shape the development of our Centre for Excellence here in York."

You can find a summary of the first Stakeholder Event here and a more detailed report under useful documents on the right of the page.