School based support teams

Specialist Teaching Team

The Specialist Teaching Team works with young people up to the age of 19 if they are still in full time education at a school. Specialist teachers will offer help and support to you and your child during transition to secondary school.

If a young person was supported by a specialist teacher from this team in primary school, then that involvement may continue when your child moves to secondary school. The level of support and staff may
change as your child becomes more independent but you will always be kept informed of any involvement with your child.

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Follow this link for the Specialist Teaching Team page.

Educational Psychology Service

Educational Psychologists (EPs) aim to improve the educational outcomes, emotional well being and personal development of children and young people through the use of psychology. We work with children and young people, in partnership with parents/carers and staff, in a variety of educational settings including pre-school settings, schools and colleges. The EP will usually consult with relevant staff about how best to support your child so they can reach their learning potential. The EP will always strive to work together with you and your child, since you know your child better than anyone else.

If you are concerned about your child's progress in their educational setting, you should discuss this with your child’s teacher/tutor or the Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO) in the first instance. Each Local Authority educational setting receives an allocated number of visits per year from a named Educational Psychologist. Priorities for Educational Psychology time are negotiated with the SENCO at a planning meeting, which usually takes place at the start of each term.

For children and young people with complex special educational needs, who have an Education, Health and Care Plan in place, we have statutory duties to monitor progress and provision up to the age of 25 years if they remain in education or training.

There are also a wide range of training and development opportunities available to schools and other organisations from the Educational Psychology Service. Additionally, we support educational settings with managing critical incidents, such as bereavement.

Criteria for requesting involvement from the Specialist Early Years Support Team and Educational Psychology Service


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School Wellbeing Service

The aim of the school wellbeing service is to work within school clusters to strengthen and improve the emotional and mental health support arrangements for children and young people in universal school settings. Click above for more information.

Advisory Teacher for Complex Needs – outreach from Applefields School

The advisory teacher for complex needs provides outreach support from Applefields School for young people with severe learning difficulties/complex needs in year 5 and above.

The advisory teacher works closely with parents, young people and all professionals to promote and support successful inclusive secondary school placements. Access to the support is gained through the Educational Psychology Service. A request for advice and support can be made through the school SENCo at termly special educational needs planning meetings or as a result of discussions at annual review meetings.

The Transition Team

The City of York’s multi-agency team supports disabled young people and those with special educational needs as they become adults by:

• accessing individual budgets;

• finding an appropriate course or work experience;

• increasing independent travel skills;

• developing plans for young adults to live in their own home.

Telephone: 01904 552087

The team includes:

Social workers who work with young people aged 14-18 who have physical and learning difficulties or complex health needs.

Telephone: 01904 551900 

Adult care managers who jointly work with a children’s social worker, a young person and their family from 16 years until they are settled in adulthood.

Telephone: 01904 555111

Transition health colleagues who work in the Transition Zone and hold clinics there.


York Independent Living & Travel Skills Training (YILTS)

Travel training to young people aged 11-25 years old who have an EHCP or a Statement of Special Needs.


Advice and guidance workers provide impartial information, advice and guidance and personal development opportunities to ensure a smooth transition to adult life. 

Telephone: 01904 552085 or 01904 552086

York SEND Information, Advice and Support Service

(formerly Parent Partnership Service)

The York SEND Information, Advice and Support Service in York provides impartial support, advice and information for parent/carers of young people with special educational needs.

SEND Information, Advice and Support Service officers can give advice on all areas of special educational need, including statements of special educational needs or school action and school action plus provision and, in the future, the education, health and care plan. They promote and enable the active involvement of parent/carers in all decisions about their young person’s education.

This includes attending meetings in schools and with the local authority, and offering mediation, negotiation and disagreement resolution. York SEND Information, Advice and Support Service is an entirely confidential service. The officers are also able to put families in touch with support groups and offer training, advice and support to schools, education and health staff, voluntary organisations and other agencies.

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Speech and Language Therapy

If your child has been receiving speech and language therapy in primary school, the speech and language therapist will complete a summary of their strengths and areas of need in regard to their speech, language and communication skills.

This will include strategies and helpful approaches to use in the classroom and, as appropriate, any recommended interventions e.g. to help develop social communication skills. This is sent to the secondary school SENCo and to parent/carers in the summer term before a young person starts secondary school.

Once your child has moved to secondary school, you or your child’s SENCo should contact the Speech and Language Therapy Service if further advice is needed to help support your child in school.

If there is no request made for support by the end of the spring term in year 7, your child will be discharged from the service. However, a young person can be re-referred at any point in the future.

For young people moving into Applefields School they will continue with speech and language therapy (SaLT), with a programme that may include individual, small group and/or in class support. Parent/carers are invited to visit, telephone or email the therapist at any time.

Telephone: 01904 724366 or 01904 724367


"Sam’s TA from school made a booklet of his new school for him with photographs of staff, classmates and significant places etc, using words, signs and some symbols. This is a really good idea as he loves to look at it and to show his family and friends". Parent of a young person moving to Applefields School.

The Combined Therapy Service for Children and Young people

Your doctor or consultant may refer your child to physiotherapy or occupational therapy (OT) from the Combined Therapy Service, if they feel this is appropriate.

Occupational therapists provide specific advice regarding skills such as developing independence, self-organisation and recording information. Physiotherapists help to develop your child’s movement and function.

Your child may be seen at the Child Development Centre at York Hospital or at school. Support may include advice and training on how to help them manage their specific needs. Practitioners may be given a programme of activities to be carried out and support with any moving and handling issues. As parent/carers, you will always be closely involved. Onward referral to the City of York occupational therapist will be made where appropriate.

Telephone: 01904 726595

The occupational therapists (OTs) employed by the City of York Council work with children and young people who have a disability that affects how they and their family manage at home with everyday activities. The areas looked at include bathing, toileting and getting into and around the home. When the OTs receive a new referral they will arrange to visit the child and their family at home and carry out an assessment of their needs. An assessment may involve support from other professionals involved, including liaising with health OTs, where appropriate. The outcome of this varies and can include recommending equipment or adaptations to solve the problems.

A referral can be made by parents or other professionals by contacting the Customer Access and Assessment Team on:

Telephone: 01904 555111

The School Health Service

This is nurse-led and supported by consultant paediatricians. Health input is provided to schools in the catchment area of York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

"The coffee morning to meet the nursing staff and speech therapists etc was particularly helpful and informative. Everyone has been very welcoming and supportive". Parent of a young person moving to Applefields School.

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