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Short Breaks

Review of the 100 hours offer

We are undertaking a review of the 100 hours service so we can make sure that the individuals who use this offer can access what they need from this.  We want to make sure we have a proper understanding of what is important for the children and young people who use this offer.  

We want to find out how children and young people like to spend their time, what they enjoy and what don’t enjoy doing. 

We also want to get your thoughts and views on what is important for you and your family.  

Complete and submit the online questionnaire about the 100 hours short breaks offer by the end 27th May 2022.  

You can send feedback or ideas to

When we have all the information we will work with everyone to make sure we have an offer that works for everyone who needs it.

Apply for Short Breaks

Does your disabled child / young person need help to access social opportunities and leisure activities in a safe and appropriate way?

If yes, you may be eligible for Short Breaks.

Apply for 100 hours Short Breaks using the online Short Breaks Application form.

Once submitted you can expect to receive a response within 12 weeks.

What is a Short Break?

Short Breaks are provided for families with children with a permanent and substantial impairment or illness, which has a profound effect on their health, development and social functioning. They are provided for families that are unable to access universal activities, services and provision without additional support.

Short Breaks can be for a few hours or longer, in some circumstances overnight and can be provided in lots of different ways. A Short Break could include additional support so that a child or young person can join a club or recreational activity in their community, someone caring for a child in their own home or within the child’s home or it could be extra support for the disabled child to join in family leisure and social activities.

Short Breaks have two main aims:

  • To give parents or full time carers of disabled children and young people a break from their caring responsibilities.
  • To enable disabled children to have an active social life and join in with safe, fun and interesting activities.

The Short Break process

  • View Short Break information on the Yor-OK website
  • Complete the online application form
  • The Short Break Team will check your completed application and existing assessment information
  • The Short Break team will contact the  parent/ carer
  • A decision will be made about Short Breaks including advice and signposting
  • Parents / carers are supported to make a decision about how to use Short Break

Further Questions?

If you have any queries regarding Short Breaks or would like help completing the Short Breaks application form please contact the Short Breaks Team on or telephone 01904 552420.

You may also find the  Short Breaks Frequently Asked Questions helpful.