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SENDIASS for parents

What we can help with

Below is a list and information about the most common issues we deal with. Don't worry if information about your query is not there or if you need more in depth information. Please get in touch!


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Follow the link below to see a video which explains what the SENDIASS service offers.

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Early years provision and funding

Information on the responsibilities of early years providers, and identifying and supporting special educational needs in the early years.

SEN support and funding in school

Understand approaches to identifying SEN, decisions about SEN support, and funding for SEN at school.

Plans for Children and Young People with SEND

Find information about what the plans are, who they are for, what they consider and include, and how to request one.

Support when things go wrong

Understand how SENDIASS can help you when thing's go wrong, as well as the various avenues for complaint.

Child and parent participation

Information on children, young people's and parent's right to be involved in decisions made about SEN, and how participation should be ensured.

Personalisation and personal budgets

This section answers questions such as what is personalisation? What is a personal budget? What is a direct payment? Can you get one?

Post-16 support

Understand how a child/ young person should be supported in preparing for adult life and making their own decisions. Popular post-school options are explained as well as what happens when moving on to higher education.

Explaining the special educational needs system

A look into who does what in the special educational needs system. This looks into the roles and responsibilities of the professionals you might come into contact with.


Understand the difference between fixed period and permanent exclusion, what happens before, during and after an exclusion as well as the right to appeal.

Monitoring progress

Information about what schools and colleges do to monitor and review progress and support.

Choosing a school

Information about the transition between schools and colleges and secondary school transfer.