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SENDIASS for children and young people

Welcome to the children and young people's page for SENDIASS York.

Please click on the tabs below which will give you information on the most common issues we provide help with. Don't worry if information about your issue is not there or if you need more information... Please get in touch!

Who are we?

Information about what we do and how we provide support.

Meet the team

Take a look at who does what in the SENDIASS team and who might be working with you!

Education, health and care plans

Understand what an education, health and care plan is and how it is centred around you.

Education, health and care needs assessment

Information about what the assessment is and what it involves.

Explaining the special educational needs system

Information about the people who might be supporting you and what they do.

Personalisation and personal budgets

What is personalisation? What is a personal budget? What is a direct payment? Who can get one?

Post-16 support, higher education and preparation for adulthood

Information about how you can be supported once you finish school.

Finding out about support near you

What is the local offer and how do you access it?

Making decisions

Information about how you can participate in decisions about your special educational needs no matter how old you are!

Useful Resources and Websites

Plenty of useful resources to help you get your head around special educational needs and disabilities!