EHC plans

This section includes information on:

1. What is an education, health and care plan?

2. Who are education, health and care plans for?

3. Can an education, health and care plan be referred to as anything else?

4. What do the plans consider?

5. How often are they reviewed and what happens at the review?

6. Independent supporters

7. What are the sections of an education, health and care plan in York?


What is one?

The plans describes the child/ young person’s education, health and social care needs. It also documents the provision required to achieve set outcomes.

Each plan is unique because they focus on the individual and their aspirations.

Everyone will work together to support the individual in achieving their potential. This is why health, social care and educational needs are all included in the plan.

The plans were introduced in September 2014, and are gradually replacing statements of special educational needs and learning difficulty assessments. For more information on the transfer process please download the transitional arrangements document here. The City of York Council have also produced a guide to the transition plan here and updated guidance for LDA transfer reviews which can be downloaded here.

Who are Education, Health and Care plans for?

They are for children and young people aged 0-25 who have special educational needs or disabilities which cannot be met by the support normally available from school or college.

Can they be referred to as anything else?

When you read about Education, Health and Care plans they can sometimes be abbreviated to ‘EHC Plan’ or even more simply, an ‘EHCP’.

What do the plans consider?

Opportunity and Participation

Children, young people and parents should be provided with all the information and support they need so they can fully participate in decisions

Views, wishes and Feelings

The views, wishes and feelings of you and your parents


Children, young people and parents should be supported so the child or young people can achieve the best possible outcomes


This is the benefit or difference that special educational provision should make


This is what the child or young person wants to achieve in the long term (future). It could include things like going to university, living independently or getting a job.

How often are they reviewed, and what happens at the review?

The plans must be reviewed a minimum of every 12 months.

At the review the child/ young person’s progress is tracked, any problems are discussed and then changes are made to the plan if needed.

At the end of the review, the local authority will either:

  • Change the plan
  • Keep it the same
  • End the plan

If you disagree with any of these decisions you have the right to appeal them. Please see our ‘Support when things go wrong’ page here.

What are the sections of an Education, Health and Care Plan in York?

The sections of an Education, Health and Care plan in York are outlined below.

Section 1 – Who I am and what's in my plan

  • Who I am - the front cover of my plan
  • What's in my plan - contents page
  • About me - my views, interests and hopes for the future

Section 2 - Information gathered by me and my family

  • What my family thinks is important to and for me
  • Relevant history
  • My family and significant people in my life
  • Key information for looked after children/ young people

Section 3 - Information about my special educational needs

  • Special educational needs (SEN)
  • Educational attainment and progress
  • Special educational provision
  • Education and learning history

Section 4 - Information about health and social care needs related to by special educational needs

  • Health needs
  • Health provision
  • Social care needs
  • Statutory social care provision
  • Additional social care provision

Section 5 - Information shared and agreed at my meeting

  • My review contribution
  • My family's review contribution
  • Contributions from people who support me
  • Views shared at my meeting
  • Agreed outcomes
  • Agreed actions
  • Review record

Section 6 - Provision agreed by the education, health and care plan

  • Named educational setting
  • Personal budget
  • Review arrangements and agreements

Section 7 - Relevant advice and information that supports my plan

  • Advice gathered during EHC needs assessment
  • Additional information

The Council for Disabled Children have produced an excellent in-depth document on the sections of an education, health and care plan. You can download it here.


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