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Complete this form if you are a parent/carer and live within the City of York Council area. If you are still unsure you can check at

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News and information for families in York of 0-19 year olds, (or up to 25 years old with additional needs or disabilities).


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MyFIS subscribers with a child 0-25 years with a disability or additional need may also qualify for a free Max Card.

To automatically sign up to the max card scheme, let us know the details of your child's disability or additional need in the form below. 


If you are applying for a replacement Max Card, is your current Max Card -
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Do you consider yourself to have a disability or additional need?

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Child Two

Do you consider your child to have a disability or additional need?

Child Three

Do you consider your child to have a disability or additional need?

York Inspirational Kids is a support group for parent carers who have a child with a disability/additional need. 

York Inspirational Kids offers friendship, activities, training, days out, and the York Parent Carer Forum.


 York Carers Centre is a local independent charity who gives free help to unpaid carers living or caring for someone who lives in York. Support can be given over the phone, at the office, at home or in another suitable place.

 York Carers Centre offers carers: 

  • Discount card scheme
  • Quarterly free newsletters and event calendar
  • Monthly e-bulletin
  • Social events and activities for carers
  • Employment, education and training support
  • A young carer (age 8-18) and young adult carer (age 16-25) service
  • A service for those affected by someone else's substance misuse
  • An opportunity to have your voice heard by decision makers