What next?

Here's a quick guide to finding, arranging and paying for childcare for a disabled child.

Step 1: Think about what you want and need. You may want to talk this over with family and friends or people working with you or your family.

Step 2: Contact York Family Information Service. They can talk you through your options, tell you about what childcare is available and find ways you could reduce your childcare bill.

Step 3: Visit some childcare providers. Ask them questions that are important to you. Ask to speak to their Special Educational Needs Coordinator about how they will support your child.

Step 4: Talk things through with family and friends, and decide which provider you want to use. Don’t forget you can always talk to York Family Information Service if you have any questions.

Step 5: Start using your chosen childcare provider. You may want to arrange some settling-in sessions to see how things go. If things aren’t working out, talk to the provider or York Family Information Service.