Funded childcare for two year olds

Some two year olds are entitled to 15 hours of Funded Entitlement (FE) per week over 38 weeks per year. This is known as TWO YEAR OLD FUNDING and could either be at a playgroup, day nursery or with a childminder.

Benefits of using funded childcare for two year olds

Quality early years care can help your child:

  • Learn
  • Play together with friends
  • Experience new activities

It can also help you:

  • Have more time
  • Take up a college course
  • Go back to work
  • Get ideas of how to help your child play and learn

How can the funding be used?

  • 15 hours of childcare or early years education for 38 weeks
  • A total of 570 hours per year, that you can use flexibly with one or more childcare provider
  • Some providers will allow you  to ‘stretch’ the hours over 52 weeks, using fewer hours per week

Stretched Offer

The stretched offer is for children who ONLY take up their Free Entitlement i.e. they do not access more than 570 hours childcare across the year.  It allows you to spread the childcare across the year rather than just term time. In can be used in different ways however not all childcare providers offer this. 

Children can access their free early education place in one of three ways:

  • The standard “term time only” model : 15 hrs per week for 38 weeks per year (570 hrs per year).
  • The stretched offer models:
    • 51 week model:  up to 11 hrs per week across 51 weeks per year   (561 hrs per year)
    • 48 week model:  up to 11.75 hrs per week across 48 weeks per year (564 hours per year)
  • If a child accesses the stretched offer they will not be able to access the full 570 hours free entitlement across the year. Parents must be made aware before they agree to a stretched offer that they will not receive their full entitlement.
  • A child can stretch the offer at 2 providers - ONLY IF BOTH PROVIDERS ARE OFFERING THE SAME PATTERN OF ATTENDANCE, ie 51 weeks or 48 weeks as unfortunately we cannot accommodate a mix of offers.   The minimum amount to be claimed at either setting is 2.5 hours per week. 
  • For children who access more than the free hours, providers can pro-rata the bill over a 12 month period so that parents pay an equal amount each month. This is NOT the same as “stretching the offer”.

Who is the 2 year old funding for and how do I apply?

View and complete the online form to find out if you are eligible or to apply. If you have received a letter confirming your two year old is eligible to receive funded childcare, show your letter to the early years childcare provider you would like your child to attend.

If you don't know what childcare is available in your area contact York Family Information Service for a tailored list of Ofsted Registered childcare providers eligible to offer funded places for two year olds. The childcare providers must be Ofsted registered as Good or Outstanding to offer a funded place.

If you need help completing the online form or not sure if you should apply, please contact York Family Information Service 01904 554444 / / text only: text '2yo' to  07624 802244